Week 70

Heyyy heyy my lovelies! hope you are all doing well 🙂 we had a good week, i am almost out of time. so here’s a miracle, monday night, sat waiting for the bus where we have wifi to check if president emailed us and we realise that the lady sat on the bench over looks so sad. we smiled and said hello as we sat down but felt we should do more. so we started speaking with her and  gave her a book of mormon. she took is and she ended up talling us how her dad went into hospital that afternoon after having a stroke and that she is the only one of her family here because the rest of her family is in italy and she feels so alone and doesn’t know what to do. we spoke about Gods love, the plan of salvation and lots of things. at the end she told us we were sent from God. and as i think about it we really were. we were called by a prophet of God to come here and represent Christ. it is such a privileged to be a tool in his hands to bless the loves of His children. i love it so much. i love you all! i know He has a plan for everyone of us and that He and His plans are perfect. love youuuuuuu!!


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