Week 71

Hey there loved ones!!! So today we had district p day so I don’t have so much time to email, but it was so great. We went to Meersburg Schloss!! Castle 🙂 it was sooo pretty! So first we caught the train to Konstanz and then we got on a boat to cross the Bodensee – the really big lake here to get to Meersburg,an little town on the edge of the lake and walked through the old city to get to this castle where we find out that it’s apparently the oldest castle in Germany and it was so cool! There was these beautiful gardens looking over the Bodensee so we took some pictures- oh and we were all in Trachten! So that’s the traditional dress- Lederhosen for the guys and Dirndls for the girls. So it was way fun. And other than that the week has also been good. It’s been a hard one but it’s been good. I think I’m finally learning that it’s through the hardest times that we grow the most. Took me long enough 🙂 So in a weird way I’m grateful for this week, don’t know if I’d want to do it again haha but glad I could have it. I realized, or maybe re-realized that what I have been teaching people my whole mission I should really remember and apply to myself- I mean I teach that God has a plan for us, a merciful plan, a plan for our salvation, for our happiness. I figure I should really apply that to me! And remember that whatever happens it’s part of Gods plan. He really has it all together. We sang a song at church on Sunday and I don’t remember exactly the wording but roughly translated it’s like a prayer speaking to Heavenly Father and saying: yes, you have everything in your hands and you know what I lack.  And I realized, again, it’s so true! He is literally the most powerful, loving being in the universe. And He is our Father. And He wants the best for us. So yes. That was this weeks inspiration. Also. This week someone tried to make us take our name tags off. So we were meant to have an appointment with a less active but she saw us in the bus and said she just had to go pick something up from someone but that it was just around the corner and we could come too. So we are walking and we get to this place, don’t even really know what it was, some sort of meeting place or social meeting thing. I don’t know.. But there was two people standing outside and they look us up and down and then at the tags. Tell us promptly and not so nicely that they don’t want any of us sort anywhere near them and that we may not stay. In fact we need to immediately remove our tags. We look at each other. They look at each other and start whispering the various possibilities… Jehovas Wittnesses? Adventists? Some cult? No.. We a little more loudly that a normal tone politely interrupt.. As you can read here we are the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. A Christian church. Are you sure you’re not a cult? Yup. Pretty sure. Well… You still have to leave. And remove your tags. We politely but point blankly refuse and wish then a lovely day and go to sit on the pile of dirt to wait for our less active. I have had my share of doors slammed and my share of people who have rejected the message I love to share, but this was the first time I have literally been cast out. And it really hurt. It hurt that someone would judge so fast who I am, what I believe. But as we sat there and as we prayed I had the scripture pop into my head in doctrine and covenants: “the Son of Man hath descended below them all, art thou greater than he?” I am not. The Saviour suffered so much more, so so so much infinitely more that I ever can or will, and because of that He can help me, He knows how it is. “Oh sweet joy this sentence gives. I know that my Redeemer lives” time is almost up but I love you all and hope you have a great week! 🙂FullSizeRender.jpg


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