Week 72

helloooooooooo sorry this will probably be a short one. this week we were reading with an investigator in the book of mormon and phrase stood out to me “they are in the hands of the lord of the harvest and they are his” it just gave me so much comfort, this reminder that we are all in His hands. This week i was able to have exchanges in my first area and meet with the man and his son who got baptised there, that i found and taught with my first two companions. He is having such a hard time at the moment but it was so wonderful to see and hear him bear his testimony and know that it is helping him and giving him strength. i know that this is so worth it, this work. i love it so much! its amazing to see what a difference the gospel makes in people’s lives, and to see the difference it has made and is making for me. i love it. and i love you all so much!


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