Week 63

Well once again,hello my dears, here I am again…  So this week we had transfer calls….. Sister Hancock will be leaving me to go to reinach Switzerland and I will be staying here and getting sister Lang 🙂 I think she is almost a year on her mission, no idea where she comes from… America? Haha. So that’s big news for this week. Other than that I don’t know. Actually now I think about it sooo much happened his week haha. So Tuesday we had such a miracle!!! Our investigator who will be getting baptized in a couple of weeks has had a bit of a hard time with the commandments and also with loving God- in his words, he likes him sometimes but sometimes he just wants to yell. Then… We get a call that evening at 20:21 and we tells us ich liebe Gott!!!!!!!?? I love God!!! A hundred times over- he then wrote it down literally 201 times.. He showed us, and then his testimony- how he can show God he loves him- through keeping the commandments and praying and oh my goodness it was so amazing. He never thought he would make it this far, he is just so amazing though!!!!! And Wednesday was also great, we were able to meet with that girl we told you about- the one who was searching. She is so cool!!! She has had such a hard time 😦 but she is so sweet. And that evening sister Hancock was able to sing with out ward mission leader and so many people came up to us saying how she had touched them. This missionary spirit man! It’s contagious 🙂 Thursday we got to go to the temple. Oh how I have missed being able to go every transfer. It was beautiful and we saw the alps and drove past Burgdorf- my last area which was so cool!! Friday. Also great. Able to meet with a couple of really awesome new investigators and teach them about the Book of Mormon. I love the Book of Mormon. In the evening we were able to teach an investigator from my last area, there are currently no missionaries there and it was so nice to be able to see her again! Saturday also good, Sunday also. I really just love being a missionary, it’s really just something I can’t explain in words. While talking with Rita we decided on the following. Sorgen haben ist okay, sorgen machen nicht? So that kind of roughly translated means that it’s okay to have worries we all have them, but it’s not okay to to keep on thinking about them and not letting go and making it worse. We are all human and we live in a very imperfect world, we will have worries but it is not good to hold onto them! We can lay them upon the Savior- he has already taken the, upon Him actually, we just need to give them up to him, trust him! And I mean that all sounds super great. Oh yea all these worries? I can just give them up? Great! So like, I just snap my fingers and they’re gone or what? I e really been thinking about this, how it really works. And I think it’s like like president Uchtdorf said. Like I’ve already talked about I think- steps of obedience are faith. So in our small steps of obedience we are able to lay it upon the Lord. But I also really think it comes in prayer. In really going to our knees before the Lord and pouring out our souls. It’s not easy, it’s not the kind of prayer that can be done in a few seconds so that we can jump into a nice toasty bed…. It’s a struggle! It’s hard! We really do have to cry unto the Lord. But there is no better feeling. As I try to do this and apply this in my life I really can quite literally feel the burdens being lifted. This really goes for all negative aspects of life. Trials, temptations, sins, worries, regrets. All can be lifted by the Savior who was lifted upon the cross! He knows how it is, when we really show Him we want Him, we need Him, we love Him, He is able to help us. He loves us, unconditionally. I try to ask myself sometimes, rather than just asking how do I know He loves me, but how does he know I love him? “If ye love me keep my commandments” and why does that show our love? Because we show we trust His role as our Father. That He knows best. I love Him,I try show Him, I’m not perfect and I am so so grateful that o can always have a new beginning and for the Atonment that makes that possible. Love you all!!!



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