Week 65

Hello!! I hope you are all doing well šŸ™‚ the weather here by the way is psycho… Haha we have 26 degree days and it’s sooo humid and then the next day it pours with rain.. And it’s fetching cold… Haha. Good job I already love this country or I wouldn’t be so happy with it haha. We have had such a full crazy week but it’s been awesome. We had some really wonderful things happen this week. Also so,e really sad things. But thanks to all our ‘rain’ we can appreciate our ‘rainbows’ all the more. So let me tell you a little about some of our ‘rain’ so you guys can appreciate our ‘rainbows’ all the more šŸ™‚ so we got dropped by an investigator that I really loved šŸ˜¦ (the person doesn’t want to meet with us anymore) then our investigator who was going to be baptized this week came clean and said that he actually hasn’t been honest about quitting smoking- he still is….. and so we changed the date but then he said he was done with God and church and life…. What else. Oh we missed a train… And because of that an appointment. And pouring rain or burning heat haha. But hey the rainbows…. We were able to give a bible and Book of Mormon to this girl who proceeded to hug them and then ask how she should read them and want to meet with us! To another girl who has had such a hard time but just wants us to help her find her faith, from the bottom up in her words. And then just being in the right place to talk to this lady and she says she already knows about salt lake etc but she didn’t know we had a prophet on earth today! So as we are talking about that and our ward mission leader comes walking up and greets us and then her too! Turns out it’s his neighbor and we had the most awesome talk with her!!!! And then we were fasting this weekend obviously for Markus and just oh praying so hard that he would get an answer not to drop us at church and then he comes, dressed in a suit and a tie for the first time ever!!!!!! And he bore his testimony, of hard times, of hope and of the Atonment and really i almost cried. He is so wonderful. Amd he came and sat down just smiling so big!!! And then we gave him finding faith in Christ to watch and he tells us it almost made him cry, this big 6ft5 man. And now he isn’t going to drop us!!!! And I am sooooo happyyyyyyyyyy :)))))))) being a missionary is the best. The hardest but the best and I just love it sooooo much!!!!!!!Ā  And I love you all so much!!!!!!

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