Week 66

Helloooooooo. Schon wieder… Crazy how time is just flying by. But we don’t need to talk about that ahaha. Let’s talk about last week! It was in 20th to the 27th… I asked sister Lang what the last week was and that was the answer… Hahahaha yea I don’t even know anymore. My favorite line of the week was a throwback from when I was with sister Hancock but a little bit edited by us. You see, as a missionary sometimes your brain is just so full of a million things you need to do and say and remember that it just momentarily ceases to function. Also with two languages sometimes your brain just gets really confused and will speak German grammar with English words or vice versa… Anyways. With that in mind the sentence of the week is: “I don’t speak English or German, I speak awkward noises and sometimes I wear makeup” I feel like that’s the perfect title for a blog. Or book. Or just life in general haha. So yes. My brain is basically mush and my body is falling apart. BUT I am lovinggggg it hahaha. So we had some really awesome things happen this week!! We went to see a lady who used to be an investigator but is always so busy it’s so hard to make appointments, but we finally got one that worked and we went to this tiny little village built right on a hill by the Bodensee- the HUGE lake here. It’s called Ludwigshafen and it’s so dang beautiful. And we would always look up at the huge houses on the hill and think how great it would be to be rich enough to live there haha. And then we get out at the train station and she has come to meet us! She tells us to hop in and begins to drive us in her nice big white car up the hill, and up and up till we get to this long driveway. She pulls up and we get out.. Wow a house! Haha so basically everyone here lives in apartments so getting to be in a house is a rare experience. So we walk in the front door to this gorgeously decorated room and the cutest pictures of her and her family on the walls. She then asks if we would like breakfast, stating that we can read and eat on the balcony. So she shows us through and tells us to make ourselves comfortable. She’ll go make the berry smoothie and fetch the croissants. So then we sit down, look out and behold…. There is the hill down to the lake, there is the blue water, the blue sky, the green hills and trees on the other side. Oh and did I mention the alps?! So yes. We ate croissants and drank freshly made berry smoothie and discussed the family a proclamation to the world in conjunction with Gods plan for us whilst looking out at one of the most beautiful views I have ever seen. And this lady is gold! Seriously one of the nicest people. We went to do service with her afterwards at this old age home where she goes every week and takes the elderly in wheelchairs for a walk down to the lake front. And it was so much fun! And afterwards we had a lesson with another invstigator- he’s the African member who was baptized in Nigeria I think but then had to flee and lost the church but has found it again! So yea we’re teaching him all the lessons again. So we get there late because we missed a train and they don’t go so often so this lovely lady drove us! We get there and at the end we were talking about how God answers prayers and he starts telling how he got to the church early amd because of an operation he is almost blind so he couldn’t see if anyone was here and couldn’t call and didn’t know what to do. So he prayed, and he said he knew God would help him. Not a couple of minutes later we called and organized everything with him. This call we made as we were walking with the elderly, we knew it wasn’t maybe so proper but we just had the feeling to, but didn’t think anymore until we heard this. It’s amazing what even just a small thing can do! And last lesson he found out for the first time about temple work and his response? “Wow. My grandmother has a chance!’ It was so beautiful! I am so grateful for the temple and for second and third and fourth chances! And speaking of second chances we literally just had the most wonderful miracle! So this morning we were on our way to Sipplingen- a little village also by the Bodensee to go to our favorite cafe and we had just updated our email so we were reading and I was just starting this email and this man sits down opposite us, looks like the big scary guy from all those stories- huge, dressed in black, chain around his neck, tattoos the works. And so we keep on writing and reading- thinking this is our time now on p day. I thought, maybe we should talk to this guy… But ignored it. We got out to change train and sister Lang turns to me and asks if I also felt like we should talk to that guy? And oh my I can not even describe the feeling of knowing that we both ignored that prompting. We literally stood there right at the train station and prayed- for forgiveness number one and also that we would be able to see him again.. Then we kept walking, then we just still felt so awful and prayed again. Feeling a little better we carried on through our day, but talking to just about everyone we could… The nice girl at the ice cream shop, the English people over the other side of the grass by the lake, the nice lady in the train… It felt better, but still not good, he was still on our mind. Then we get in the train to come back, sit down where there were four seats empty and just as we are taking off our bags THE SAME MAN comes and sits by us! We start talking, he doesn’t like how much church has to do with money here and because he doesn’t pay the church tax he is literally not allowed to marry in the church… And his son, who will be born in a few months he was saying will not be allowed to be baptized there and all these things! So sad. But we were able to talk about temples and we ended up swapping numbers and we can call to meet!!!!!!!!!!!! Literally. That should not have happened. We nearly missed one train, nearly didn’t go, nearly sat somewhere else and oh my there can be miracles, when you believe!!!!! I love my mission, I love my Saviour, and I love you all! 



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