Week 67

helloooooo. so i dont have so much time. but i wanted to tell you all something i realised as i was stood at a bus stop one evening this week. i was sooo tired and the thought crossed my mind. only a few more hours till bed! and then i remembered something in preach my gosepl and the handbook where it talks about how short our time to serve the Lord full time is.. and i realsied just how grateful i am for this oppertunity. and i realised that while appointments might have fallen out,and people were not at home, and no one wanted to listen to us i had just spent my whole day trying to help people. trying my best in the Lords work. and that that is enough. i love it so much! other than that i had exchanges this week which was way fun, we helped out at the old age home, we ate indian and they gave us a while bunch of free food… hehe. we celebrated the fouth of july in a centrury old ruined castle and roasted marchmellows. we met some really cool people in the trains, two new people came to church, one who we have been teaching in our german class and the other who is a refugee and they really liked it. we also had trasnfer calls and i stay here woooooooooo. i love it! this week we had so many miracles. big ones, small ones, in between ones. i love it so much. i love how muhc Heavenly Father and our Saviour love us. they are so aware of us. i love them and i love you!!!


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