Week 64

Hello my lovely ones. i am almost out of time. i just want to bear my testimony that the Lord works,Our life is in His hands and He loves us soooo much!!! this week has been a crazy rollercoaster but i am so happy to be a missioary and be a apart of this work. jacob 5. he is working along side us and like it say in in the new tetament,. the harvest is great but the labrourers are few. we are so blessed to, all of us to be able to work in his vineyard!!!! i love you all! ps. we cooked rice in little bags and then made extra think totriallas with thyme and pepper…… one think i guess i still havtn learnt is how to cook hahahaha love youuuuuu xxxxxx

Week 62

You know I sit here every week and I just never know how to sum up a while week into a few paragraphs. But then I start writing and I just can’t stop because there are so many different things I want to say to you! This week has been so good, my foot is finally (after a monthhhhhhh) starting to heal and we are on the road again wooooo!!!! On Tuesday we were on the bus home and we saw a man that we had spoken to last week and swapped numbers but we hadn’t been able to contact him so we were able to talk and set up an appointment for tomorrow!!! And it was even cooler because whole he was talking with me this girl on the seats by us started talking with us so Sister Hancock kept chatting with her and I talked with the man until he got out and as I turned to hear what Sister Hancock this girl and now her mum too were talking about how she was Catholic but couldn’t really support it because she didn’t agree with all the things they believed and so she was really just searching for something!!!!!! So we swapped numbers and now we have an appointment for this Wednesday!!!!! We are sooooo excited!!! There really is people everywhere prepared to hear the Gospel. We just have to be ready 🙂 we had a street display on Saturday in this beautiful old town right on he lake looking over the alps. Beautiful setting and some really cool talks with people!!! I think what stuck out to me most was a man that we had just smiled and said hello to, like we say to everyone haha. And he walks past but then turns and comes back to ask what congregation we were supporting. And when he found out that and our nick name he stayed to talk and ask more. And why? He has a friend who married a Mormon. They now live in Salt Lake City and he was telling us that she is a very nice person and they have a lovely sound family. What if this man hadn’t had that experience? What if the one Mormon he met was mean? Or gossiped? Or didn’t really care about others? I really doubt he would have stopped, or stayed. And now he has a Book of Mormon, a Book that has the potential to change his life!!!! It was just a reminded that people really are watching us all the time and that we really need to be aware that we truly might be “the only standard work someone ever reads”. And our investigator will be baptized 14. June and he is sooooop excited for it but soooo worried he will not be able to make it. He is so humble and studies and prays so much and he is just so sincere. I love meeting with Him so much. It has been and is still so amazing to see the effect the Atonement is having on and in his life. His countenance is changing, he is changing and it’s the best thing, it’s such a privilege to witness!!!!  Also we had a less active come to church on Sunday who hasn’t been in months. We call her every Sunday morning to remind her and she never picks up. But this time she did. And she came!!!!!! And it seems so small but just little things like that make me so happy. I was reading this week in 2 Nephi 33:6 “I rejoice in the Lord then he hath redeemed my soul from hell” I am so grateful for, I too rejoice in my Lord. He truly has redeemed me. To redeem means to compensate for the bad aspects or faults of someone or something. It comes from Latin ‘to buy back’. He has literally bought us with His blood. He has redeemed us from our failures, sins, mistakes… Because he loves us! And I am so grateful that even though I make so many mistakes the only thing I feel as I repent is an overwhelming feeling that he loves me. I know he loves you all! And I love you all 🙂


Week 61

Hey!!! So this week was fabs :))) my ankle is doing a lot better so we are able together around better. So that’s nice. It’s actually such a miracle because I walked around on it so much on Monday and Tuesday that Wednesday and Thursday I was back on my crutches. And on Friday to Saturday I had exchanges and really wanted to go and be able to help the sister I was going to be working with- and for us to actually be able to work! So Sister Hancock and I prayed really really hard that it would be okay, even if it was just for the Friday. And it was! I really didn’t have any pain Friday- and we had to walk around a lot. And then it got sore again a bit. And then Saturday until our exchange was finished it was still fine. Started hurting again that evening but after we prayed again it’s been getting better and we are so grateful! All in the Lords time, we have been praying a lot but only once we had learnt what we had needed to learn was it time to heal. It’s been such a growing experience- even such a small thing as this has helped me learn so many things. I have learnt that sometimes you just need to take a step back and look at life with an eternal perspective and remember that we are all in the hands of the Lord of the Harvest. 🙂 also patience. I think I will just keep learning that lesson over and over again until I really learn it. I am so grateful for the power of the Atonement- that not only enables forgiveness of sins but also gives us strength to do what we could not otherwise have done- be it spiritual, emotional or physical. We also had a miracle Sunday! So we get there and one investigator is just sitting there waiting for us. Then another turns up on his bike. And by then we needed to sit down so we are in the chapel. And then the non member husband of a less active, she and their children walk in! And then another investigator who said he wasn’t going to come just walks in! As it starts yet another walks in who hasn’t been for months!!!!! And to top it off an older man walks in about half way through that the sisters just found dooring and invites to church and he came!! And when you thought it could t get any better you go out of sacrament meeting g and find yet another investigator who helps us at German class but hasn’t been too interested in church or anything for ages just sitting waiting for Sunday school to start! So that was so cool. And we also had a less active come who always says she will- for months! But never comes…. But yesterday she did! So it was just so exciting!!!!!!!! I love being a missionary and I love all these people so much I can’t even describe it to you. So we also had a really cool experience, Saturday night I think it was. So I had come back from exchanges and we had a couple of lessons that day and we had to plan for zone training. Oh and we were soaking wet the whole day because it was raining cats and dogs and storming haha. I do t think I’ve seen so much rain at once since those big storms we had that summer. So we were just pretty excited to go get dry haha. And we get on the bus talking about German and how to get more confident and how we need to talk to more people etc. so I saw a woman near the front of this almost empty bus and I was like well let’s start now! So Sister Hancock and I just hobble to the front of the bus with my crutches and sat down in the seats near her. I think we just started off talking about the awful weather haha and at the beginning she made it abundantly clear that the last thing in the world that she wanted to be doing was talking to two strange girls late at night in the bus. But we just kept on chatting away and turned the conversation to religion and that we are missionaries and we both had the feeling to give her a Book of Mormon and Sister Hancock pulls one out and she took it! Amd she said we could come by. Actually it went more like and what do I do when I’ve finished reading it? So naturally said we could come and she gave us her address! So we will go see her this week. And she has the coolest name…. A very German name and spelt German but pronounced ‘utah’ haha I think it’s meant to be! I am currently listening to an efy song “it’s good to be alive” I think that’s just the best way to describe this week. It’s good to be alive. To be a missionary for Christ. I love it and you all so much xxxxxx
ps- the pics are from last p-day


Week 60

Hey:)) So this week has been another pretty slow one thanks to my wonderful ankle… But what did happen was really great. The one investigator I told you about before, we were able to meet with him a couple of times and he’s so great. He’s just studying away in his scriptures and praying. He just has so much faith, and he does t even know it. He said the most precious prayer that went something like “Heavenly Father please help me to stop smoking so that I can finally get baptized”. He just has such a desire! And then he called us one night to tell us he had read his ‘homework’ and found some really cool things. And Sister Hancock’s mum sent some American cinnamon stuff for the stop smoking program that helps a lot that we thought would be here this week but it’s not… We told him we would pray that it comes this week and asked him to too, and he says “well if all three of us pray it’s sure to come” !!! He is just great. We also had a really cool experience on Sunday. On Saturday we both had the feeling to text one of our investigators that hasn’t really been keeping commitments and told us he never really wanted to change. So we haven’t been meeting him but we have stayed in touch. We decided to just text him and invite him to church. Which we somehow didn’t do on Saturday… Remembered when we were in bed but decided to just text early the next morning. So it’s Sunday morning and we are getting ready for church and I remembered we needed to text him. So I think oh I’ll do that as soon as I’ve done with my hair. And I tell Sister Hancock I’m going to text him. But thennnnn I was like. Actually I’m going to do that now. And she was like yes, now is good. We didn’t think anymore of it and he never texted us back and so we didn’t really expect him to come. And then we’re sitting down in church and he walks in!!!!! And then explains later how he was not planning on coming, or doing anything today really. But then he woke up and at the same time got our text! Still didn’t plan on coming but got up and got ready and went outside and then decided well since he was outside he should just come on by! And he did!!!!! Today we went to affenberg- monkey mountain, and we got to feed monkeys popcorn!!!!!!!!!!!!! So much fun!!! And there was deer and HUGE fish haha. It was really fun 🙂 and then we went to go and see an old monastery with a church and gardens and there’s a boarding school that’s apparently super famous for famous people- it’s in Salem. Oh and a manor house. So that was fun!!! My favorite part might have been the cute little monkeys though, so cute! And their eyes were so brown and deeeeeepppp. Haha. So life is good, I love it, I love you all 🙂 

Week 59


Hey :)))))) hope you are all doing well!!!! This week has been a little different to most weeks of the mission, thanks to my delightful purpley green foot. I’ve been on rest and foot up orders… And staying at home and not moving around was never my favorite thing, and as a missionary on the Lords time it’s even worse. I have done a lot of feeling useless, until I finally realized where those thoughts were coming from…. Satan! And that while it might not be the greatest thing having to rest and relax has been good for me. And Heavenly Father is teaching me to be patient, it’s not the easiest lesson to learn. Or the easiest way to learn it. But this week has also been a week of miracles, of answers to prayers, of love. Monday night we had to walk home from the church after our lesson because we missed the last bus. It normally takes about 30 mins but because of my foot it took nearly two hours. And I managed to walk it all, sure it hurt, but I had prayed I would make it and I made it. And I know that I was quite literally carried home because as soon as I got home I could not barely move my foot, never mind put weight on it to walk around for 2 hours. I know that the Lord fulfills his promises and when he says he will be on our right and left hand, that His spirit will be in our hearts and he will send angels round about us to bear us up he means it. Those angels are real, they are there. His spirit, the comforter is real and so is he, the Savior, redeemer of our souls 🙂 this week we also had the wonderful opportunity to meet with our investigator who wants to be baptized but is struggling to stop smoking. He managed to throw his current cigarette pack over his shoulder away and only have 3 in 24 hours while he was fasting . It is such a good start for him, he also got such a powerful priesthood blessing and he really felt the spirit at church and also at our lesson. And one of the most special things to us is how we really can quite literally see the Atonement working a positive effect in His life. When we first started meeting with this man he had a huge bushy beard and crazy hair. He hadn’t showered, had dirty clothes and smelt of smoke. Our last lesson he came to Ina shirt and clean trousers, freshly showered and with his beard shaved and his hair washed, combed and gelled back. He just loves the scriptures and studies so much even though he works 50+ hours a week, just shows its all about priorities! Don’t try telling yourself you have too much to do to read the scriptures. Christ made time for us. Time for everyone of us in those hours he suffered so I think I should make time for him 🙂 he gave his life for me, i know I need to give him my life! He really cares about us. As does our Heavenly Father, even about the little things. On Saturday night I was looking for my cord to connect my iPod to the DVD player to play the songs I hadn’t heard in so long. So I was hopping around haha and looking and looking. I knew I had seen it recently and I just knew I could find it… Surprise surprise I didn’t… Haha. Then the thought pops into my head, a friendly reminder from the Holy Ghost: “why haven’t you prayed yet?” So of course I prayed. I told my Heavenly Father that I knew it wasn’t really that important to find this cord in the eternal scheme of things but that it was important to me and I know what’s important to me is important to him.. Not 30 seconds later it pops into my head where I saw it and sure enough… It was there. It was such a tender reminder of Heavenly Fathers love for me. I have felt it so much! Directly though answers like that and in the scriptures, but also through other people. My companion has the patience of a saint with me and she keeps me going. The senior couple here shopped for us, brought us food, loved on us. The relief society president walked a good 20-30 minutes to our apartment to bring me a bandage and bind up my foot. It almost made me tear up a little, and does so now. It has not been easy to let all these people help me. Sometimes learning to let yourself be served is a harder lesson than learning to serve, but I am so grateful for these people and for the numerous other who drove us places. Who asked how we are. Who just care. That’s what this church, this Gospel is all about. “As I have loved you, love one another” I hope and pray I can be filled with this Christlike love! And I love you all so so so much!! 

Week 58



Hey!!! So this week was such a rollercoaster haha but honestly don’t even really remember the downs because the ups were so great, and I really am so grateful for them because without them we would not be able to understand what the ups were like! So this week man I have to go back my planner and check what we did haha or at least think real hard…. It went to fast but even Tuesday seems soooo far away!! So Tuesday was zone training and that went really well, I love coming together as missionaries, it is such a special spirit! We also received permission so have a zone activity to celebrate hitting our baptism goal! We watched the best two years and it was so much fun. I don’t even know how many times we watched that movie but it was so crazy watching it as a missionary and I understand so much more now and it’s so relatable!!! So fun. Then we wanted to play soccer afterwards but we didn’t have time 😦 so we packed up all the tables and things then we had Austauch and I got to work with sister von Hacht again! My first comp from Burgdorf and then if that wasn’t already awesome enough I got to go back with her to Aarau my fist area to work!!!!!!!!!! I got to see my investigators as well and it was the best thing ever!!! I love these people soooo much I can’t even explain it with words. The love I have for these people… You think it can’t get any bigger but it does. And it sure isn’t easy to love so much, it really really hurts sometimes. But you realize it’s all worth it. It is so so worth it. Wednesday I came back to Singen and it was so happy to be back haha. As much as I love love love Aarau, Singen is home now. So we had German class and sport class in the evening and that is always so much fun! Thursday oh man I don’t know ill have to check haha. So in the morning we went to see our GML. Then we had time to go finding and it was so cool what happened!!!!!!!! So we were walking down to the harbor because there are way more people there and Sister Hancock turns off to a different road, and I asked why this way? She just shrugged: “I don’t know, I just felt it”. Side note… Something that is becoming more and more clear to me is that if you “just feel something” or “just think something” if it is good and leads to do good, it is from God! So anyways we walked down and we tried dooring this one house and there were three bells for three families and not one person was home. So we go on.. And literally the next house I nearly didn’t say this one because it was a brighter colour and I didn’t just want to pick it for that… But I decided no I should and just as I pointed and said this one? Sister H said the same thing! At the same time! And the we get to the bells to ring and there is three more families and again at the same time we say the same name! There was no one at home so we decided we need to go back for sure. Then just as I am about to say one of the other names Sister Hrings that one! We get buzzed in and this lady leans over the stairs- she was expecting someone else and was like well who are you??  So we explained and said we had a message about Christ and eternal families for her. She looked at us for a second, said she was busy, come another time… And we were like okay.. We will! Haha but then she said… Tomorrow, morning? I’ll be home after 10. So come. It was a miracle. That evening we had an eating appt and they drove us to this beautiful river in the middle of some fields and we had a picnic and it was so nice. Love them so much! Ward council that evening. Friday… Oh Friday… Haha so we got in the wrong train and were late for an appointment and then we went to see that lady and she wasn’t home… So we go back this week 🙂 but then we were finding and it was so hot and no one wanted to listen. We said a prayer and felt like we should go up this one road and as we walked it it seemed almost familiar even though neither of us had been there before. But still. No one wanted to hear, but that was okay, we always say if youre finding and you don’t find anyone just remember you’re finding yourself. But we decided to do this one last house, and on the very last bell we were let in and it was this Romanian girl who was so excited to find out about a book about Christ in her language 🙂 and then on the way back to the train station again, the last person before we got there and turns out she was just in a church praying with all her might for Gods help because she is having a really hard time and then we stopped her and gave her this book that we say brings hope and peace! She is amazing!!! We had an appt that evening that went really well too 🙂 Saturday we also had an awesome experience! We have an investigator who feels like he hasn’t got his answer, even though he feels it… In his words he wanted a miracle. So then we were reading about the Atonement in alma 7 and he kept writing down verses that he especially liked… On his hand till we gave him some paper haha. Then he explains how his favorite verse in that chapter to read is verse 14 but because I read the chapter heading and sister H said we should just read one each he kept reading ones that said “God has given me to know” and “this is the testimony that is in me” and he said at the end it was a miracle! Actually 7 miracles! And so we reminded him of how he said that’s what he wanted and it was so amazing how Heavenly Father really cares and loves us and all of His children so much! And this mans faith is amazing. He has been praying for weeks now to know if it is true. And now he has his answer and will be baptized end of May!!!!!! Then that afternoon we got to go watch one of our investigators play soccer and his face, oh it was so worth the long bus ride and wandering around in the rain till we ended up having to take a taxi to get to where he was playing.. Which was another miracle because she was female and then gave it to us for cheap because we were so nice and asked for help – we asked her for directions first- so nicely… And then we found exactly that amount of money in sister H’s purse that we didn’t know was there! And we got to talk to the coaches and people about who we are and what we do and invite his friends to church too. So cool! And then on the train on the way home…. It’s so silly and sooo annoying!!! But I didn’t notice that in this train there was two steps not one and I missed it and went over on my ankle and fell down onto it… So I was there for a bit until the train was about to leave and i had to hop out and just held onto a fence breathing real deep… So I couldn’t put weight on it at all. And we wanted to go see someone and we couldn’t cos I couldn’t walk…. So we went home. Painfully… Haha but it was perfect because we stood at the back of the bus ahi we actually never do but just had another of those feelings… And got to talk to the nicest lady and give her a Book of Mormon and our card and it just was perfect. So a little grateful that I hurt ,y foot because otherwise we wouldn’t have met this lady! Sunday was also great, we watched theSunday afternoon session of conference and I loveeeee it so much! “Sanctify yourselves, fortomorrow the Lord will do wonders among us” it’s so so so true! Maybe my favorite line of conference. Then we had lunch with one of the most Christlike ladies, the silent hero that goes about doing good. Such a great example. The we had to go home because of my dang foot. Today we couldn’t really do much either and I’m not allowed to do anything tomorrow either and it’s driving me a little crazy haha but I guess the Lord just wants me to learn patience. Either way I hope it gets better soon! It’s kinda obese and a little purple-green atm haha but it’s all good. I think it’ll be okay real soon 🙂 this week I learned that the Lord really does do wonders among us. I have started writing every day after planning how I made that day count and it is so much better than counting days, make every day count. It is my way of showing the Lord I love him, like he shows he loves me as I write down every day the miracle. I love Him, I love His work and I love you all soooo much!!!!

Week 57

Hello my lovely ones! hope you all had a wonderful weeek, literally, wonder full!! miracle full 🙂 because mine sure was. i think one of my favourite things as a missionary is to see the hand of the Lord, to feel him working through me. rememeber i told you all abou thte african guy we met at the train station that one night where the train got in to late for us to do what we needed to and so we just had to turn around and go home and we prayed that heavenly father would send us someone so that we wouldnt be wasting his time? well. i think i told you hes been at church the last three weeks and he comes for all three hours and always brings his book of mormon. and even though he doesnt understand so much because his german isnt super great, he just looks so intently at who ever is speaking or whatever is happening and he is just trying so so so hard. he is a bit shy and doesnt say too much and we have been a little worried about how much he has been understanding. and then last night he called us, we were expecting him just to call to let us know the street name hwere the soccer field is but then he starts thanking us. it went something like this: “hi sisters. so i just wanted to call to say thank you for your testimonies, you are like a light and i have noticed a difference in my life since i met you. i may not say much around a lot of people but i just really want you so know i am grateful for you.” that makes everything worth it. the blistered feet, sore back, repeated rejection, the exhaustion, all of it. that one phone call, those three minutes maybe made it all so so worth it. my heart, how can i say it, i htink i would need to invent new words to describe the happiness, the true joy. my heart was full, it was overflowing. it is just like that scripture in luke 6- that as we sacrifice something we are fillled beyond measure, shaken up and running over. literllay running over since i just started crying as he satrted to talk and i had to hand the phone to sister hancock haha. i read that scripture in 2 nephi again today, about not giving work for things that dont bring zufrieden. which in english is peace i guess, or to be at peace. and that is what i want for my whole life, to do things that, like being a missionary, bring godly peace, a peace that you literally just cant find in doing wordly things. we have an investigator that just really struggles with the commandments- because he doesnt realise that htey are they for his freedom, to make him happy. because they really are literally just a recipe for happiness. and they are there to help you to be free, not to restrict! and one really cant find happiness in doing things of the world, sure maybe momentary pleasure. but long term real fullfilling happiness that starts in your heart and spreads to every part of your body, from the tips of your fingers to the bottom of your toes with a bubbly warm almost sparklyness! haha i have no other way to desribe it. it is the spirit. fire in my soul, light in my eyes and glitter in my bones! haha 🙂 i am so so grateful for that! i feel so so blessed. we also had an experience, saturday it was i believe that was very humbling. we met a couple of people who said they wanted to meet with us who are refugees and we went to give on of them a persian book of mormon and he had given us both the street address and the room number, we were expecting a block of apartments… but we got to the address and just found this big hall. it was about the size of maybe half a football field and outside was astroturf and the most precious children you have ever seen just playing with the few toys they had. we went round the corner ans spoke to one of the security guards who showed us the way we needed to go. inside they have just one kitchen that they all share and one end there is a huge row of bathrooms and showers. inbetween there is just a whole bunch of rooms, his was 53 and there was more with 5-6 beds in each and space to sit and for clothes and not much else, and they were just spearated by polystyrene partitions. i dont think i have met a more loving, smiling, welcoming bunch of people in a very long time. we didnt not pass anyone without a smile or a hello. it was just another testimony of the poor in heart. how through their afflictions, and believe me, even those children have been through things in their few years that are so awful 😦 they are so humble and so open! and willing and just so christlike. i love you all!!!! hope you have a marvelous week! oh and quick anotherrrr miracle! yesterday we were at church and in our investigator class and this lady walking past caught my eye, normally people walking past dont distract me and looking back it is kind of strange because it almost felt like i recognised her. but i tried to focus back on the lesson until i saw her walking up to the door nd she walks in and the first thing she says? “im looking for the true church of Jeus Christ” so there you go. the elect. for all those who think missionary work here in europe is hard, pountless, that no one will listen. yes it is hard. but is it worth it? yes. a million times yes. for this lady searching for truth. for a man struggling to understand Gods love. for someone who has noticed more light. it is so so worth is and i love it so much. i love you alll xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Week 56

Hellooooooooo!! Hope you all had a great week my dears! This week has been crazy, honestly it has gone by soooo fast but at the same time somethings that happened seem like foreverrrrr away haha. I have come to the conclusion that time is just a very very very strange thing haha. So I dont even rememeber what happened or what i wanted to write about haha. Hmm. So tuesday and wednesday we were in switzerland doing exchanges, that was really nice, it was so fun to hear swiss german again haha its funny i forgot how much i loved it until i started hearing it again! and we had a lesson with a lady who was less active but after working with the sister was going throught the temple the next day and it was soooo great, it just made me so happy. and the sisters are great, i love being sister training leader and having the chance to work with so may great different sisters! and then we were back in singen for an evening then we had mlc! mission leadership council- so thats the zone leaders and sister training leaders (stl) for the whole mission and then president and sister kohler and the ap’s and the office elders and the office couple and its always so amazing. we watch an mtc devotional in the eveing- cant really beat an evening of listening to an apostle talk abotu missionary work! then we sleep in a hostel and then we have the meeting on the friday and i just love it! seeing everyone and this desire to go forward and be better and help the missionaries, all the poeple around us. its so great! and then back home and oh man we were sooo tired, im still so tired to be honest, but thats all part of a mission, i realised in my first transfer that i was probably going to be spending the next 16 months tired and so it is, but you really learn to rely on the Saviour, i have literaly felt him carry me. He knows how much we can do and does not ask for any more- or any less. He expects our all. So then we actiually had a lesson on friday night and we got dropped 😦 (he doesnt want to meet) well actually he does but he is not willing to change or keep commitments and so we cant just keep meeting with him and it broke our hearts. he kept saying we shouldnt be sad, but we were! this Gospel is so precious to us, i love it, I ove my Saviour and it helps, lifts, gives hope! to have someone reject is one of the most painful things. so we went home and baked fluffy potato things in the oven. and did lots of praying, and fasting. He will come around, in his time and in the Lords time. And then saturday!!!! transfer call day!!!!! we were sooo freaking out haha we just had no idea what would be happening and we were so so so happy to hear… WE STAY!!!! so much relief. and we had such an amazing day, so full of miracles! we had hmm … i think its called a street display in english. so a table and lots of copies of the book of mormon and pictures. anyway! we all kind of forgot it was supposed to be happening and so it wasnt very well organised, but it turned out soooo great and we found some really incredible poeple who are sooo prepared and one lady we stopped came over and took a card and we just had the feeling to talk to her a bit more and we did and she picked up one of the pictures of christ and kissed it. it was so tender. she is a refugee from iraq and has the most adorable daughter who sang for us.we are going to see her tonight so please can you pray for her? oh i just wish i had enough time to write you all about the wonderful people we meet! so we had lunch with our gml and then we had a a lesson with him and an investigator who came to conference last week because his brother and he used to investigate the church but stopped and i called his brother and made an appt but it got canelled, but this guy really wanted to meet with us but didnt have our number and didnt pick up when we had called him the week before. so he wants to start again and he is so cool! he really is so sincere. and the lesson was so good, and after wards we stopped by on the sweetest memeber, an old lady from the branch who just loves missionaries soooo much. and she gave us a referral and then we had a lesson with a less active… and helped him walk his cat.. haha he is so great!!!!!! anddddd then we were supposed to have a lesson that eveing but they were not at home so that was sad 😦 but as we were walking away this man runs towards us and suddenly we recognised him! so this guy, we gave him one of the easter cards around easter and he was so grateful and we had seen him about 3 more times but everytime we had only been able to say hi and never talk more… and we were so sad and thought we had missed our chance but then he came running to us! TO US we could hardly belive it and now we have his number and are goung to meet him and he is going to come to church. it was such a miracle!! adn then on sunday we had the man whose brother i called come and he even bore his testimony!!!! and then the one that we met that night after praying to meet someone who really was searxhing for truth so we could use Heavenly Fathers time well, he come to conference and we werent able to reach him the whole week and we were scared he thought it strange or had heard soemthing but he came to all three hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and two other poeple were there and we did some boss plannign and dropped of a book of mormon and it was great. its been so amazing to see as we have continued to try our best, even though these last couple of weeks have been pretty hard, the Lord has blessed us so much and I know he is always looking out for us. He loves us more that we could ever imagine. Also. i have now watched all of conference and i have no words. how amazing was it???!! how blessed are we to have leaders who love us and help us to come closer to christ. how blessed are we to live in these latter days, to have the privileged to be latter day saints, to prepare the world for when the Master comes again, He is coming! I love Him and His work 🙂 and i love you all!!!
 ps please pray for markus – the one who bore his testimony, he is so great!


Week 55

Hey!! so not much time but this week i wanted to write a little about all the wonderful peope i am blessed to have in my life over here in the celestial land of germany (since pres uchtf´dorf called german the celestial langauage i guess this is a celestial country haha). firstly my Heavenly Father. I know He lives, I know He loves me. I know His plan and I love this chance to share the hope and joy it brings. Next, my Saviour. I know He is my Reedeemer, through Him I have new life, “i live by the faith of the son of God who loved me and gave himself for me” galations 2:20. He is always there and i am so grateful for His Atonemnet. The Holy Ghost, He protects me, comforsts me, guides me, lifts me, teaches me and blesses me. Without these three I could not do this. next our ward mission leader. he just loves missionaries and the work and the lord so much and he blesses and helps us so much! he is so funny haha. elder and sister gardner, the senior couple here, they look after us so well, they are amazing. and my companion, sister hancock. pretty sure we are about as different as chalk and cheese, just look at the photo haha but we somehow are the same. from the beginning it was like we had known each other forver, i am of the opinion that we meet people here we knew before we came here and for our spirits it is such a joyous reunion. we work hard, play hard and pray harder haha. i love all these people with all my heart. and i love you too, i am so grateful for your support, the emails, photos, letters, prayers and the love. “pure christlike love flowing from pure righteousness can change the world” and thats something that stood out to me so much at conference. i love it here, i love being a missionary, i love serving the lord, i love the poeple of germany and switzerland and i love you all so so much!! xxxxxx

Week 54




Helloooooooo meine lieben!!!!! hope you are all doing wonderfullyyyyyy. so i have no idea how to start haha this week was interesting and crazy and stressful and amazing and hilarous and so so so so full of miracles!!! so hmm where to start. why the stress and all that? well i still havnt got my purse so we dont really have any money, we had to cancel a bunch of appointments because we werent able to get to them, we were walking everywhere.. like 5-10km a day which isnt so bad but in my shoes and up and down hills haha its tiring, Also today my bike got stolen. but it has flat tires so jokes on them hahaha. but really honestly this week was so full of tender mercies and miracles and laughter, i dont think i  would have it any other way. so i dont know if ive told you but every day we write down a miracle of the day, and most days there are multiple haha. so monday we saw an old investogator and he said he wanted to come back to church soon! tuesday we were able to give out over 40 of the easter cards- trust me, youd think the cards were going to self combust by the way some poeple look at us when we try give them to people haha one guy practically ran the other way…. so that was great. wednesday we were talking to people just on the way to german class i guess and turns out hes super interested in our religion and he has a friend from our ward who is on a misision!!! and also just the german class we teach. they are so great! i love to teach it. thursday two people in the bus spoke to us! after ignoring out attempts to talk to them! now we have their address and we can take them a book of mormon! so that was actually when i was in freiburg for exchangs and then the next day we only got back to singen at 5 and we had two lessons that night and they both went tso well and it was such a miracle that we were ableto get to both and home on time even thought hte train home was late and one lady really really needed it. then saturday we saw a new convert just on the street while we were finding who hasnt been at church for a while and it was so perfect timing, just two minutes earlier later and we would have missed her!! and sunday!!!!!!! i feel like this week was a little bit of a trial of our faith with lessons falling out and having to be cancelled and people not wanting to talk with us… and he blessed us and carried us all the way with these tender mercies and then sunday! so this guy just walked into sunday school and i dont know all the memebers so i thought he was one but sister hancock didnt know him and i sat by him and started talking to him after sacrament meeting, turns out he just decided because it was easter he would come to church and he chose our chuch because he´s been thinking about us a lot and has a book of mormon and knows memebers and he loveddddd it and hes coming to general conference next week!!!! so cool!! Then we had a lesson that evening with two former investogators who told us they had just stopped becasue of work and no time but they are making time now and want copies of the book of mormon! and to come to church!!!!! and we met someone else just walking talking to people who used to meet with missionaries and for whatever reason stopped and he said we could call! and then on the way home we saw a snake…. and i didnt die… even though sister hancock flippin picked the thing up. and by the way i never realised how scared i am of snakes hahahahaha so she had it with sticks and then in her hands….. ueghhhh hahaha and now i am so scared to go into the woods! who knew there was snakes here….. ahhhhhhh hahahah. so this week im sure you all heard about the bombing in brussels and the four missionaries who were injured. we actually got a call the next morning telling us that the three of the them had passed away. and my dear family i can not tell you how sad that made me. i cried so so much. we were singing the armies of helaman and the thrid verse in german is similar but the thrid verse roughly translated goes we know about the plan of salvation and one day we will also we sent out and i just couldnt sing anymore. i thought of those missionaries who has been teaching all about that. and we did find out later that they had not passed away and we were so grateful, but there are many who are not so blessed, whose families and friends now believe that they will never see their loved ones again… and it really helped me to remember that thats why im here! to spread that wonderful message of hope and light!!! that we just need to look up! like president monson taught, look up 🙂 we walked today up this mountian hill thing and looking out over this huge lake that belongs to german austria and switzerland and we could see the alps and it was so beautiful, i am so grateful for this world and we had had know idea you could see the alps but as we walked back down, still looking up, we realised we could still see them, we had always, when we were there, just been so preoccupied with where we were going and getting there and i think sometimes in life we are like that. we are so focused on the things we are doing or where we are going.. which in and of itself is not necessarily bad, but sometimes we just need to look up, look to God and trust in him to take care of things, beacuse He loves us and is always there for us 🙂 and i love you all so much xxxxxxx