Week 62

You know I sit here every week and I just never know how to sum up a while week into a few paragraphs. But then I start writing and I just can’t stop because there are so many different things I want to say to you! This week has been so good, my foot is finally (after a monthhhhhhh) starting to heal and we are on the road again wooooo!!!! On Tuesday we were on the bus home and we saw a man that we had spoken to last week and swapped numbers but we hadn’t been able to contact him so we were able to talk and set up an appointment for tomorrow!!! And it was even cooler because whole he was talking with me this girl on the seats by us started talking with us so Sister Hancock kept chatting with her and I talked with the man until he got out and as I turned to hear what Sister Hancock this girl and now her mum too were talking about how she was Catholic but couldn’t really support it because she didn’t agree with all the things they believed and so she was really just searching for something!!!!!! So we swapped numbers and now we have an appointment for this Wednesday!!!!! We are sooooo excited!!! There really is people everywhere prepared to hear the Gospel. We just have to be ready 🙂 we had a street display on Saturday in this beautiful old town right on he lake looking over the alps. Beautiful setting and some really cool talks with people!!! I think what stuck out to me most was a man that we had just smiled and said hello to, like we say to everyone haha. And he walks past but then turns and comes back to ask what congregation we were supporting. And when he found out that and our nick name he stayed to talk and ask more. And why? He has a friend who married a Mormon. They now live in Salt Lake City and he was telling us that she is a very nice person and they have a lovely sound family. What if this man hadn’t had that experience? What if the one Mormon he met was mean? Or gossiped? Or didn’t really care about others? I really doubt he would have stopped, or stayed. And now he has a Book of Mormon, a Book that has the potential to change his life!!!! It was just a reminded that people really are watching us all the time and that we really need to be aware that we truly might be “the only standard work someone ever reads”. And our investigator will be baptized 14. June and he is sooooop excited for it but soooo worried he will not be able to make it. He is so humble and studies and prays so much and he is just so sincere. I love meeting with Him so much. It has been and is still so amazing to see the effect the Atonement is having on and in his life. His countenance is changing, he is changing and it’s the best thing, it’s such a privilege to witness!!!!  Also we had a less active come to church on Sunday who hasn’t been in months. We call her every Sunday morning to remind her and she never picks up. But this time she did. And she came!!!!!! And it seems so small but just little things like that make me so happy. I was reading this week in 2 Nephi 33:6 “I rejoice in the Lord then he hath redeemed my soul from hell” I am so grateful for, I too rejoice in my Lord. He truly has redeemed me. To redeem means to compensate for the bad aspects or faults of someone or something. It comes from Latin ‘to buy back’. He has literally bought us with His blood. He has redeemed us from our failures, sins, mistakes… Because he loves us! And I am so grateful that even though I make so many mistakes the only thing I feel as I repent is an overwhelming feeling that he loves me. I know he loves you all! And I love you all 🙂



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