Week 61

Hey!!! So this week was fabs :))) my ankle is doing a lot better so we are able together around better. So that’s nice. It’s actually such a miracle because I walked around on it so much on Monday and Tuesday that Wednesday and Thursday I was back on my crutches. And on Friday to Saturday I had exchanges and really wanted to go and be able to help the sister I was going to be working with- and for us to actually be able to work! So Sister Hancock and I prayed really really hard that it would be okay, even if it was just for the Friday. And it was! I really didn’t have any pain Friday- and we had to walk around a lot. And then it got sore again a bit. And then Saturday until our exchange was finished it was still fine. Started hurting again that evening but after we prayed again it’s been getting better and we are so grateful! All in the Lords time, we have been praying a lot but only once we had learnt what we had needed to learn was it time to heal. It’s been such a growing experience- even such a small thing as this has helped me learn so many things. I have learnt that sometimes you just need to take a step back and look at life with an eternal perspective and remember that we are all in the hands of the Lord of the Harvest. 🙂 also patience. I think I will just keep learning that lesson over and over again until I really learn it. I am so grateful for the power of the Atonement- that not only enables forgiveness of sins but also gives us strength to do what we could not otherwise have done- be it spiritual, emotional or physical. We also had a miracle Sunday! So we get there and one investigator is just sitting there waiting for us. Then another turns up on his bike. And by then we needed to sit down so we are in the chapel. And then the non member husband of a less active, she and their children walk in! And then another investigator who said he wasn’t going to come just walks in! As it starts yet another walks in who hasn’t been for months!!!!! And to top it off an older man walks in about half way through that the sisters just found dooring and invites to church and he came!! And when you thought it could t get any better you go out of sacrament meeting g and find yet another investigator who helps us at German class but hasn’t been too interested in church or anything for ages just sitting waiting for Sunday school to start! So that was so cool. And we also had a less active come who always says she will- for months! But never comes…. But yesterday she did! So it was just so exciting!!!!!!!! I love being a missionary and I love all these people so much I can’t even describe it to you. So we also had a really cool experience, Saturday night I think it was. So I had come back from exchanges and we had a couple of lessons that day and we had to plan for zone training. Oh and we were soaking wet the whole day because it was raining cats and dogs and storming haha. I do t think I’ve seen so much rain at once since those big storms we had that summer. So we were just pretty excited to go get dry haha. And we get on the bus talking about German and how to get more confident and how we need to talk to more people etc. so I saw a woman near the front of this almost empty bus and I was like well let’s start now! So Sister Hancock and I just hobble to the front of the bus with my crutches and sat down in the seats near her. I think we just started off talking about the awful weather haha and at the beginning she made it abundantly clear that the last thing in the world that she wanted to be doing was talking to two strange girls late at night in the bus. But we just kept on chatting away and turned the conversation to religion and that we are missionaries and we both had the feeling to give her a Book of Mormon and Sister Hancock pulls one out and she took it! Amd she said we could come by. Actually it went more like and what do I do when I’ve finished reading it? So naturally said we could come and she gave us her address! So we will go see her this week. And she has the coolest name…. A very German name and spelt German but pronounced ‘utah’ haha I think it’s meant to be! I am currently listening to an efy song “it’s good to be alive” I think that’s just the best way to describe this week. It’s good to be alive. To be a missionary for Christ. I love it and you all so much xxxxxx
ps- the pics are from last p-day



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