Week 60

Hey:)) So this week has been another pretty slow one thanks to my wonderful ankle… But what did happen was really great. The one investigator I told you about before, we were able to meet with him a couple of times and he’s so great. He’s just studying away in his scriptures and praying. He just has so much faith, and he does t even know it. He said the most precious prayer that went something like “Heavenly Father please help me to stop smoking so that I can finally get baptized”. He just has such a desire! And then he called us one night to tell us he had read his ‘homework’ and found some really cool things. And Sister Hancock’s mum sent some American cinnamon stuff for the stop smoking program that helps a lot that we thought would be here this week but it’s not… We told him we would pray that it comes this week and asked him to too, and he says “well if all three of us pray it’s sure to come” !!! He is just great. We also had a really cool experience on Sunday. On Saturday we both had the feeling to text one of our investigators that hasn’t really been keeping commitments and told us he never really wanted to change. So we haven’t been meeting him but we have stayed in touch. We decided to just text him and invite him to church. Which we somehow didn’t do on Saturday… Remembered when we were in bed but decided to just text early the next morning. So it’s Sunday morning and we are getting ready for church and I remembered we needed to text him. So I think oh I’ll do that as soon as I’ve done with my hair. And I tell Sister Hancock I’m going to text him. But thennnnn I was like. Actually I’m going to do that now. And she was like yes, now is good. We didn’t think anymore of it and he never texted us back and so we didn’t really expect him to come. And then we’re sitting down in church and he walks in!!!!! And then explains later how he was not planning on coming, or doing anything today really. But then he woke up and at the same time got our text! Still didn’t plan on coming but got up and got ready and went outside and then decided well since he was outside he should just come on by! And he did!!!!! Today we went to affenberg- monkey mountain, and we got to feed monkeys popcorn!!!!!!!!!!!!! So much fun!!! And there was deer and HUGE fish haha. It was really fun ๐Ÿ™‚ and then we went to go and see an old monastery with a church and gardens and there’s a boarding school that’s apparently super famous for famous people- it’s in Salem. Oh and a manor house. So that was fun!!! My favorite part might have been the cute little monkeys though, so cute! And their eyes were so brown and deeeeeepppp. Haha. So life is good, I love it, I love you all ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

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