Week 59


Hey :)))))) hope you are all doing well!!!! This week has been a little different to most weeks of the mission, thanks to my delightful purpley green foot. I’ve been on rest and foot up orders… And staying at home and not moving around was never my favorite thing, and as a missionary on the Lords time it’s even worse. I have done a lot of feeling useless, until I finally realized where those thoughts were coming from…. Satan! And that while it might not be the greatest thing having to rest and relax has been good for me. And Heavenly Father is teaching me to be patient, it’s not the easiest lesson to learn. Or the easiest way to learn it. But this week has also been a week of miracles, of answers to prayers, of love. Monday night we had to walk home from the church after our lesson because we missed the last bus. It normally takes about 30 mins but because of my foot it took nearly two hours. And I managed to walk it all, sure it hurt, but I had prayed I would make it and I made it. And I know that I was quite literally carried home because as soon as I got home I could not barely move my foot, never mind put weight on it to walk around for 2 hours. I know that the Lord fulfills his promises and when he says he will be on our right and left hand, that His spirit will be in our hearts and he will send angels round about us to bear us up he means it. Those angels are real, they are there. His spirit, the comforter is real and so is he, the Savior, redeemer of our souls 🙂 this week we also had the wonderful opportunity to meet with our investigator who wants to be baptized but is struggling to stop smoking. He managed to throw his current cigarette pack over his shoulder away and only have 3 in 24 hours while he was fasting . It is such a good start for him, he also got such a powerful priesthood blessing and he really felt the spirit at church and also at our lesson. And one of the most special things to us is how we really can quite literally see the Atonement working a positive effect in His life. When we first started meeting with this man he had a huge bushy beard and crazy hair. He hadn’t showered, had dirty clothes and smelt of smoke. Our last lesson he came to Ina shirt and clean trousers, freshly showered and with his beard shaved and his hair washed, combed and gelled back. He just loves the scriptures and studies so much even though he works 50+ hours a week, just shows its all about priorities! Don’t try telling yourself you have too much to do to read the scriptures. Christ made time for us. Time for everyone of us in those hours he suffered so I think I should make time for him 🙂 he gave his life for me, i know I need to give him my life! He really cares about us. As does our Heavenly Father, even about the little things. On Saturday night I was looking for my cord to connect my iPod to the DVD player to play the songs I hadn’t heard in so long. So I was hopping around haha and looking and looking. I knew I had seen it recently and I just knew I could find it… Surprise surprise I didn’t… Haha. Then the thought pops into my head, a friendly reminder from the Holy Ghost: “why haven’t you prayed yet?” So of course I prayed. I told my Heavenly Father that I knew it wasn’t really that important to find this cord in the eternal scheme of things but that it was important to me and I know what’s important to me is important to him.. Not 30 seconds later it pops into my head where I saw it and sure enough… It was there. It was such a tender reminder of Heavenly Fathers love for me. I have felt it so much! Directly though answers like that and in the scriptures, but also through other people. My companion has the patience of a saint with me and she keeps me going. The senior couple here shopped for us, brought us food, loved on us. The relief society president walked a good 20-30 minutes to our apartment to bring me a bandage and bind up my foot. It almost made me tear up a little, and does so now. It has not been easy to let all these people help me. Sometimes learning to let yourself be served is a harder lesson than learning to serve, but I am so grateful for these people and for the numerous other who drove us places. Who asked how we are. Who just care. That’s what this church, this Gospel is all about. “As I have loved you, love one another” I hope and pray I can be filled with this Christlike love! And I love you all so so so much!! 


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