Week 58



Hey!!! So this week was such a rollercoaster haha but honestly don’t even really remember the downs because the ups were so great, and I really am so grateful for them because without them we would not be able to understand what the ups were like! So this week man I have to go back my planner and check what we did haha or at least think real hard…. It went to fast but even Tuesday seems soooo far away!! So Tuesday was zone training and that went really well, I love coming together as missionaries, it is such a special spirit! We also received permission so have a zone activity to celebrate hitting our baptism goal! We watched the best two years and it was so much fun. I don’t even know how many times we watched that movie but it was so crazy watching it as a missionary and I understand so much more now and it’s so relatable!!! So fun. Then we wanted to play soccer afterwards but we didn’t have time 😦 so we packed up all the tables and things then we had Austauch and I got to work with sister von Hacht again! My first comp from Burgdorf and then if that wasn’t already awesome enough I got to go back with her to Aarau my fist area to work!!!!!!!!!! I got to see my investigators as well and it was the best thing ever!!! I love these people soooo much I can’t even explain it with words. The love I have for these people… You think it can’t get any bigger but it does. And it sure isn’t easy to love so much, it really really hurts sometimes. But you realize it’s all worth it. It is so so worth it. Wednesday I came back to Singen and it was so happy to be back haha. As much as I love love love Aarau, Singen is home now. So we had German class and sport class in the evening and that is always so much fun! Thursday oh man I don’t know ill have to check haha. So in the morning we went to see our GML. Then we had time to go finding and it was so cool what happened!!!!!!!! So we were walking down to the harbor because there are way more people there and Sister Hancock turns off to a different road, and I asked why this way? She just shrugged: “I don’t know, I just felt it”. Side note… Something that is becoming more and more clear to me is that if you “just feel something” or “just think something” if it is good and leads to do good, it is from God! So anyways we walked down and we tried dooring this one house and there were three bells for three families and not one person was home. So we go on.. And literally the next house I nearly didn’t say this one because it was a brighter colour and I didn’t just want to pick it for that… But I decided no I should and just as I pointed and said this one? Sister H said the same thing! At the same time! And the we get to the bells to ring and there is three more families and again at the same time we say the same name! There was no one at home so we decided we need to go back for sure. Then just as I am about to say one of the other names Sister Hrings that one! We get buzzed in and this lady leans over the stairs- she was expecting someone else and was like well who are you??  So we explained and said we had a message about Christ and eternal families for her. She looked at us for a second, said she was busy, come another time… And we were like okay.. We will! Haha but then she said… Tomorrow, morning? I’ll be home after 10. So come. It was a miracle. That evening we had an eating appt and they drove us to this beautiful river in the middle of some fields and we had a picnic and it was so nice. Love them so much! Ward council that evening. Friday… Oh Friday… Haha so we got in the wrong train and were late for an appointment and then we went to see that lady and she wasn’t home… So we go back this week 🙂 but then we were finding and it was so hot and no one wanted to listen. We said a prayer and felt like we should go up this one road and as we walked it it seemed almost familiar even though neither of us had been there before. But still. No one wanted to hear, but that was okay, we always say if youre finding and you don’t find anyone just remember you’re finding yourself. But we decided to do this one last house, and on the very last bell we were let in and it was this Romanian girl who was so excited to find out about a book about Christ in her language 🙂 and then on the way back to the train station again, the last person before we got there and turns out she was just in a church praying with all her might for Gods help because she is having a really hard time and then we stopped her and gave her this book that we say brings hope and peace! She is amazing!!! We had an appt that evening that went really well too 🙂 Saturday we also had an awesome experience! We have an investigator who feels like he hasn’t got his answer, even though he feels it… In his words he wanted a miracle. So then we were reading about the Atonement in alma 7 and he kept writing down verses that he especially liked… On his hand till we gave him some paper haha. Then he explains how his favorite verse in that chapter to read is verse 14 but because I read the chapter heading and sister H said we should just read one each he kept reading ones that said “God has given me to know” and “this is the testimony that is in me” and he said at the end it was a miracle! Actually 7 miracles! And so we reminded him of how he said that’s what he wanted and it was so amazing how Heavenly Father really cares and loves us and all of His children so much! And this mans faith is amazing. He has been praying for weeks now to know if it is true. And now he has his answer and will be baptized end of May!!!!!! Then that afternoon we got to go watch one of our investigators play soccer and his face, oh it was so worth the long bus ride and wandering around in the rain till we ended up having to take a taxi to get to where he was playing.. Which was another miracle because she was female and then gave it to us for cheap because we were so nice and asked for help – we asked her for directions first- so nicely… And then we found exactly that amount of money in sister H’s purse that we didn’t know was there! And we got to talk to the coaches and people about who we are and what we do and invite his friends to church too. So cool! And then on the train on the way home…. It’s so silly and sooo annoying!!! But I didn’t notice that in this train there was two steps not one and I missed it and went over on my ankle and fell down onto it… So I was there for a bit until the train was about to leave and i had to hop out and just held onto a fence breathing real deep… So I couldn’t put weight on it at all. And we wanted to go see someone and we couldn’t cos I couldn’t walk…. So we went home. Painfully… Haha but it was perfect because we stood at the back of the bus ahi we actually never do but just had another of those feelings… And got to talk to the nicest lady and give her a Book of Mormon and our card and it just was perfect. So a little grateful that I hurt ,y foot because otherwise we wouldn’t have met this lady! Sunday was also great, we watched theSunday afternoon session of conference and I loveeeee it so much! “Sanctify yourselves, fortomorrow the Lord will do wonders among us” it’s so so so true! Maybe my favorite line of conference. Then we had lunch with one of the most Christlike ladies, the silent hero that goes about doing good. Such a great example. The we had to go home because of my dang foot. Today we couldn’t really do much either and I’m not allowed to do anything tomorrow either and it’s driving me a little crazy haha but I guess the Lord just wants me to learn patience. Either way I hope it gets better soon! It’s kinda obese and a little purple-green atm haha but it’s all good. I think it’ll be okay real soon 🙂 this week I learned that the Lord really does do wonders among us. I have started writing every day after planning how I made that day count and it is so much better than counting days, make every day count. It is my way of showing the Lord I love him, like he shows he loves me as I write down every day the miracle. I love Him, I love His work and I love you all soooo much!!!!


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