Week 57

Hello my lovely ones! hope you all had a wonderful weeek, literally, wonder full!! miracle full 🙂 because mine sure was. i think one of my favourite things as a missionary is to see the hand of the Lord, to feel him working through me. rememeber i told you all abou thte african guy we met at the train station that one night where the train got in to late for us to do what we needed to and so we just had to turn around and go home and we prayed that heavenly father would send us someone so that we wouldnt be wasting his time? well. i think i told you hes been at church the last three weeks and he comes for all three hours and always brings his book of mormon. and even though he doesnt understand so much because his german isnt super great, he just looks so intently at who ever is speaking or whatever is happening and he is just trying so so so hard. he is a bit shy and doesnt say too much and we have been a little worried about how much he has been understanding. and then last night he called us, we were expecting him just to call to let us know the street name hwere the soccer field is but then he starts thanking us. it went something like this: “hi sisters. so i just wanted to call to say thank you for your testimonies, you are like a light and i have noticed a difference in my life since i met you. i may not say much around a lot of people but i just really want you so know i am grateful for you.” that makes everything worth it. the blistered feet, sore back, repeated rejection, the exhaustion, all of it. that one phone call, those three minutes maybe made it all so so worth it. my heart, how can i say it, i htink i would need to invent new words to describe the happiness, the true joy. my heart was full, it was overflowing. it is just like that scripture in luke 6- that as we sacrifice something we are fillled beyond measure, shaken up and running over. literllay running over since i just started crying as he satrted to talk and i had to hand the phone to sister hancock haha. i read that scripture in 2 nephi again today, about not giving work for things that dont bring zufrieden. which in english is peace i guess, or to be at peace. and that is what i want for my whole life, to do things that, like being a missionary, bring godly peace, a peace that you literally just cant find in doing wordly things. we have an investigator that just really struggles with the commandments- because he doesnt realise that htey are they for his freedom, to make him happy. because they really are literally just a recipe for happiness. and they are there to help you to be free, not to restrict! and one really cant find happiness in doing things of the world, sure maybe momentary pleasure. but long term real fullfilling happiness that starts in your heart and spreads to every part of your body, from the tips of your fingers to the bottom of your toes with a bubbly warm almost sparklyness! haha i have no other way to desribe it. it is the spirit. fire in my soul, light in my eyes and glitter in my bones! haha 🙂 i am so so grateful for that! i feel so so blessed. we also had an experience, saturday it was i believe that was very humbling. we met a couple of people who said they wanted to meet with us who are refugees and we went to give on of them a persian book of mormon and he had given us both the street address and the room number, we were expecting a block of apartments… but we got to the address and just found this big hall. it was about the size of maybe half a football field and outside was astroturf and the most precious children you have ever seen just playing with the few toys they had. we went round the corner ans spoke to one of the security guards who showed us the way we needed to go. inside they have just one kitchen that they all share and one end there is a huge row of bathrooms and showers. inbetween there is just a whole bunch of rooms, his was 53 and there was more with 5-6 beds in each and space to sit and for clothes and not much else, and they were just spearated by polystyrene partitions. i dont think i have met a more loving, smiling, welcoming bunch of people in a very long time. we didnt not pass anyone without a smile or a hello. it was just another testimony of the poor in heart. how through their afflictions, and believe me, even those children have been through things in their few years that are so awful 😦 they are so humble and so open! and willing and just so christlike. i love you all!!!! hope you have a marvelous week! oh and quick anotherrrr miracle! yesterday we were at church and in our investigator class and this lady walking past caught my eye, normally people walking past dont distract me and looking back it is kind of strange because it almost felt like i recognised her. but i tried to focus back on the lesson until i saw her walking up to the door nd she walks in and the first thing she says? “im looking for the true church of Jeus Christ” so there you go. the elect. for all those who think missionary work here in europe is hard, pountless, that no one will listen. yes it is hard. but is it worth it? yes. a million times yes. for this lady searching for truth. for a man struggling to understand Gods love. for someone who has noticed more light. it is so so worth is and i love it so much. i love you alll xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



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