Week 56

Hellooooooooo!! Hope you all had a great week my dears! This week has been crazy, honestly it has gone by soooo fast but at the same time somethings that happened seem like foreverrrrr away haha. I have come to the conclusion that time is just a very very very strange thing haha. So I dont even rememeber what happened or what i wanted to write about haha. Hmm. So tuesday and wednesday we were in switzerland doing exchanges, that was really nice, it was so fun to hear swiss german again haha its funny i forgot how much i loved it until i started hearing it again! and we had a lesson with a lady who was less active but after working with the sister was going throught the temple the next day and it was soooo great, it just made me so happy. and the sisters are great, i love being sister training leader and having the chance to work with so may great different sisters! and then we were back in singen for an evening then we had mlc! mission leadership council- so thats the zone leaders and sister training leaders (stl) for the whole mission and then president and sister kohler and the ap’s and the office elders and the office couple and its always so amazing. we watch an mtc devotional in the eveing- cant really beat an evening of listening to an apostle talk abotu missionary work! then we sleep in a hostel and then we have the meeting on the friday and i just love it! seeing everyone and this desire to go forward and be better and help the missionaries, all the poeple around us. its so great! and then back home and oh man we were sooo tired, im still so tired to be honest, but thats all part of a mission, i realised in my first transfer that i was probably going to be spending the next 16 months tired and so it is, but you really learn to rely on the Saviour, i have literaly felt him carry me. He knows how much we can do and does not ask for any more- or any less. He expects our all. So then we actiually had a lesson on friday night and we got dropped 😦 (he doesnt want to meet) well actually he does but he is not willing to change or keep commitments and so we cant just keep meeting with him and it broke our hearts. he kept saying we shouldnt be sad, but we were! this Gospel is so precious to us, i love it, I ove my Saviour and it helps, lifts, gives hope! to have someone reject is one of the most painful things. so we went home and baked fluffy potato things in the oven. and did lots of praying, and fasting. He will come around, in his time and in the Lords time. And then saturday!!!! transfer call day!!!!! we were sooo freaking out haha we just had no idea what would be happening and we were so so so happy to hear… WE STAY!!!! so much relief. and we had such an amazing day, so full of miracles! we had hmm … i think its called a street display in english. so a table and lots of copies of the book of mormon and pictures. anyway! we all kind of forgot it was supposed to be happening and so it wasnt very well organised, but it turned out soooo great and we found some really incredible poeple who are sooo prepared and one lady we stopped came over and took a card and we just had the feeling to talk to her a bit more and we did and she picked up one of the pictures of christ and kissed it. it was so tender. she is a refugee from iraq and has the most adorable daughter who sang for us.we are going to see her tonight so please can you pray for her? oh i just wish i had enough time to write you all about the wonderful people we meet! so we had lunch with our gml and then we had a a lesson with him and an investigator who came to conference last week because his brother and he used to investigate the church but stopped and i called his brother and made an appt but it got canelled, but this guy really wanted to meet with us but didnt have our number and didnt pick up when we had called him the week before. so he wants to start again and he is so cool! he really is so sincere. and the lesson was so good, and after wards we stopped by on the sweetest memeber, an old lady from the branch who just loves missionaries soooo much. and she gave us a referral and then we had a lesson with a less active… and helped him walk his cat.. haha he is so great!!!!!! anddddd then we were supposed to have a lesson that eveing but they were not at home so that was sad 😦 but as we were walking away this man runs towards us and suddenly we recognised him! so this guy, we gave him one of the easter cards around easter and he was so grateful and we had seen him about 3 more times but everytime we had only been able to say hi and never talk more… and we were so sad and thought we had missed our chance but then he came running to us! TO US we could hardly belive it and now we have his number and are goung to meet him and he is going to come to church. it was such a miracle!! adn then on sunday we had the man whose brother i called come and he even bore his testimony!!!! and then the one that we met that night after praying to meet someone who really was searxhing for truth so we could use Heavenly Fathers time well, he come to conference and we werent able to reach him the whole week and we were scared he thought it strange or had heard soemthing but he came to all three hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and two other poeple were there and we did some boss plannign and dropped of a book of mormon and it was great. its been so amazing to see as we have continued to try our best, even though these last couple of weeks have been pretty hard, the Lord has blessed us so much and I know he is always looking out for us. He loves us more that we could ever imagine. Also. i have now watched all of conference and i have no words. how amazing was it???!! how blessed are we to have leaders who love us and help us to come closer to christ. how blessed are we to live in these latter days, to have the privileged to be latter day saints, to prepare the world for when the Master comes again, He is coming! I love Him and His work 🙂 and i love you all!!!
 ps please pray for markus – the one who bore his testimony, he is so great!



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