Week 55

Hey!! so not much time but this week i wanted to write a little about all the wonderful peope i am blessed to have in my life over here in the celestial land of germany (since pres uchtf´dorf called german the celestial langauage i guess this is a celestial country haha). firstly my Heavenly Father. I know He lives, I know He loves me. I know His plan and I love this chance to share the hope and joy it brings. Next, my Saviour. I know He is my Reedeemer, through Him I have new life, “i live by the faith of the son of God who loved me and gave himself for me” galations 2:20. He is always there and i am so grateful for His Atonemnet. The Holy Ghost, He protects me, comforsts me, guides me, lifts me, teaches me and blesses me. Without these three I could not do this. next our ward mission leader. he just loves missionaries and the work and the lord so much and he blesses and helps us so much! he is so funny haha. elder and sister gardner, the senior couple here, they look after us so well, they are amazing. and my companion, sister hancock. pretty sure we are about as different as chalk and cheese, just look at the photo haha but we somehow are the same. from the beginning it was like we had known each other forver, i am of the opinion that we meet people here we knew before we came here and for our spirits it is such a joyous reunion. we work hard, play hard and pray harder haha. i love all these people with all my heart. and i love you too, i am so grateful for your support, the emails, photos, letters, prayers and the love. “pure christlike love flowing from pure righteousness can change the world” and thats something that stood out to me so much at conference. i love it here, i love being a missionary, i love serving the lord, i love the poeple of germany and switzerland and i love you all so so much!! xxxxxx


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