Week 54




Helloooooooo meine lieben!!!!! hope you are all doing wonderfullyyyyyy. so i have no idea how to start haha this week was interesting and crazy and stressful and amazing and hilarous and so so so so full of miracles!!! so hmm where to start. why the stress and all that? well i still havnt got my purse so we dont really have any money, we had to cancel a bunch of appointments because we werent able to get to them, we were walking everywhere.. like 5-10km a day which isnt so bad but in my shoes and up and down hills haha its tiring, Also today my bike got stolen. but it has flat tires so jokes on them hahaha. but really honestly this week was so full of tender mercies and miracles and laughter, i dont think i  would have it any other way. so i dont know if ive told you but every day we write down a miracle of the day, and most days there are multiple haha. so monday we saw an old investogator and he said he wanted to come back to church soon! tuesday we were able to give out over 40 of the easter cards- trust me, youd think the cards were going to self combust by the way some poeple look at us when we try give them to people haha one guy practically ran the other way…. so that was great. wednesday we were talking to people just on the way to german class i guess and turns out hes super interested in our religion and he has a friend from our ward who is on a misision!!! and also just the german class we teach. they are so great! i love to teach it. thursday two people in the bus spoke to us! after ignoring out attempts to talk to them! now we have their address and we can take them a book of mormon! so that was actually when i was in freiburg for exchangs and then the next day we only got back to singen at 5 and we had two lessons that night and they both went tso well and it was such a miracle that we were ableto get to both and home on time even thought hte train home was late and one lady really really needed it. then saturday we saw a new convert just on the street while we were finding who hasnt been at church for a while and it was so perfect timing, just two minutes earlier later and we would have missed her!! and sunday!!!!!!! i feel like this week was a little bit of a trial of our faith with lessons falling out and having to be cancelled and people not wanting to talk with us… and he blessed us and carried us all the way with these tender mercies and then sunday! so this guy just walked into sunday school and i dont know all the memebers so i thought he was one but sister hancock didnt know him and i sat by him and started talking to him after sacrament meeting, turns out he just decided because it was easter he would come to church and he chose our chuch because he´s been thinking about us a lot and has a book of mormon and knows memebers and he loveddddd it and hes coming to general conference next week!!!! so cool!! Then we had a lesson that evening with two former investogators who told us they had just stopped becasue of work and no time but they are making time now and want copies of the book of mormon! and to come to church!!!!! and we met someone else just walking talking to people who used to meet with missionaries and for whatever reason stopped and he said we could call! and then on the way home we saw a snake…. and i didnt die… even though sister hancock flippin picked the thing up. and by the way i never realised how scared i am of snakes hahahahaha so she had it with sticks and then in her hands….. ueghhhh hahaha and now i am so scared to go into the woods! who knew there was snakes here….. ahhhhhhh hahahah. so this week im sure you all heard about the bombing in brussels and the four missionaries who were injured. we actually got a call the next morning telling us that the three of the them had passed away. and my dear family i can not tell you how sad that made me. i cried so so much. we were singing the armies of helaman and the thrid verse in german is similar but the thrid verse roughly translated goes we know about the plan of salvation and one day we will also we sent out and i just couldnt sing anymore. i thought of those missionaries who has been teaching all about that. and we did find out later that they had not passed away and we were so grateful, but there are many who are not so blessed, whose families and friends now believe that they will never see their loved ones again… and it really helped me to remember that thats why im here! to spread that wonderful message of hope and light!!! that we just need to look up! like president monson taught, look up 🙂 we walked today up this mountian hill thing and looking out over this huge lake that belongs to german austria and switzerland and we could see the alps and it was so beautiful, i am so grateful for this world and we had had know idea you could see the alps but as we walked back down, still looking up, we realised we could still see them, we had always, when we were there, just been so preoccupied with where we were going and getting there and i think sometimes in life we are like that. we are so focused on the things we are doing or where we are going.. which in and of itself is not necessarily bad, but sometimes we just need to look up, look to God and trust in him to take care of things, beacuse He loves us and is always there for us 🙂 and i love you all so much xxxxxxx


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