Week 52

Hellooooooo! Hope you are all doing well! This week has been so great,
I love Singen, I love my companion, I love the branch and just all the
people here. When life is going so well you start to wonder when it’ll
get harder again, because like they say: there’s no growth in the
comfort zone and no comfort in the growth zone! But really there is I
guess because it’s not like Heavenly Father would give us a challenge
and then leave us alone, he literally says: “behold, I will not leave
you comfortless” . Anyways. I was also thinking about that as we sung
a hymn at church, roughly translated it’s: ye fearful saints fresh
courage take, the clouds ye so much dread, are big with mercy and will
break in blessings on your head”. God is a God of love, of faith not
of fear or hate. He wants us to make it! But this week. So we were so
busy and I don’t think I’ve done so much walking in my life haha. I
think just yesterday we were walking for a solid 4 1/2 hours haha my
feet…. But you know it’s the best, we have met some really cool
people that we otherwise would never have met and had some awesome
experiences. Oh and yes we do have bikes but we only use them in
Singen because we would need to buy a separate ticket to take them on
trains. But they are sooo much fun haha. This week was strange, it was
kind of both long and so short at the same time, last p day seems to
be both yesterday and a hundred years ago and as my time on a mission
lessens I become more and more aware of the need to apply: “don’t
count the days, make the days count”. Coming home will be bitter
sweet, I have fallen so in love with the people and the countries
here, but I love you all so much too! I guess I’m just glad I have 5
more months to enjoy here and I’ll take Gods plan as it comes 🙂 this
week I wanted to share a story with you all. I don’t remember where I
read it but here goes: there once was a little girl, and she knelt by
her bed and prayed with all her little heart that her brothers bird
trap would not kill or hurt any of the birds she loved to sit and
listen to. Her father, walking past heard this plea and became
concerned. He knew that his sons trap would kill and hurt birds., he
has helped him make it and knew it was of a good quality. Later that
day he decided to speak with his daughter: “hunny, I heard you praying
earlier to keep the birds safe, I admire your faith but sometimes bad
things happen, even though we pray they won’t” the daughter replied
that she just knew the birds would be safe. The father continued to
try to explain but the daughter remained adamant that she knew the
birds would all be okay. Finally the father., a little overcome by the
pure faith of his daughter asked her how she could know with such a
surety. She replied: “because after I prayed I went outside and kicked
that nasty bird trap all to pieces”. I love this so much!!! I am
coming to understand the power of prayer, the influence it can have in
our lives if we let it. There is a song I love and one line says:
“don’t underestimate the God you follow” and I think sometimes we
unknowingly and without meaning to do that, we think oh God can’t
possibly be interested in my school tests, or the He couldn’t care
less if we have sunshine for our swim day, or that He has no regard
for all the little things. But He does, don’t underestimate Him or His
power. I know that if I pray for righteous things in faith and then
like this little girl go out and give my all, I will be answered.
Sometimes with a yes, sometimes a no, sometimes just wait and if not,
I know he says “trust me”. I am so grateful for this knowledge of a
loving Heavenly Father! And for His plan. We have been speaking with a
lot of people about the possibility of an eternal family and it amazes
me, it saddens me that so many just don’t want to hear, or say they
have no time! I read today in Mormon 7, about how through Christ death
and the grave have no power and it reminded me of another song. The
chorus goes: “oh, death, where is your sting? Oh, hell, where is your
victory?” Through Christ they have none. Just think of a life without
that knowledge. A life where death was it, the end, no more. It is so
sad! And we are so so blessed to know that that isn’t the case. We
also had a really cool experience yesterday, we had lunch with a
member, a convert of 29 years amd she was telling us how the
missionaries found her by door knocking , but actually that was not her first
contact with missionaries. A few weeks before that she was on a train
and she sat in the compartment over from two young men in suits, one
of them came and sat by her and said that he wanted to give her a book
that had helped him a lot and hoped that it would help her too. Then
he went back and she thought wow must be some book! Few weeks later,
different missionaries come and she starts taking the lessons and gets
baptized. Last year she was able to get back in contact with this
first missionary through Facebook. He had no idea what that one Book
of Mormon and simple testimony had led to. So sister Hancock and I
decided to really focus our finding that day on the Book of Mormon,
and no one, really NO ONE haha wanted to talked to us, hear about the
Book of Mormon or anything, some would just see it and close the door
in our faces. About two or three hours later we get on the train to
come back, so exhausted. And this lady gets in and sits by us. And I
tell you, Satan did not want us to talk to her I could give myself a
hundred reasons not to talk to her. But I did it anyways and gave
sister Hancock the Book of Mormon and said to give it when she felt it
was right. I started talking about her bag and how I’m going to go buy
one tomorrow etc. and then Sister Hancock literally just asks if we
can give her a book. And she says yes! Straight up, no questions just
yes! Guys. This NEVER happens haha. But this time it did!!! And as we
got talking more we could just see how much she needs to Gospel in her
life. Amd then just before we get out the train she starts taking
things out her bag and putting them in this plastic bag and we just
look at each other, no idea what she’s doing. And then she hold out
the bag, she won’t let me say no.. She gave me this super cute bag.
And then gets out telling us she will call us and walks away with her
things in a plastic bag. My lovely people, this lovely wonderful lady
is so special and I could just feel how much Christ loves her and it
wa s so special for us that we were able to feel just a little bit of
that love 🙂 can’t wait to meet her! we also had the most hilarious
lesson with an investigator, he’s so great but so so confused. He
thinks that there are demons in holes by the Boden See and that he
doesn’t need to pray, instead he just connects to his inner eye and
can see things… Just like his 7 year old son can see the future.
That we don’t ‘live’ as missionaries because we have so many rules and
all our lives are centered on Christ. What he does to live is just
walk for hours and talk to people about religion and philosophy (to be
honest sounds kinda like what we do.. Lol). Oh and to top it off. He
had a dream of these shapes and drew it out and expected me to
interpret it for him…. We are working on helping him understand the
simplicity of the Gospel. A mission is the best, you meet some
crazies. Some really special ones and you meet people you will be
friends with for the rest of eternity.


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