Week 51

Hey!!! This week sooo much has happened!!! I hope I have enough time to write it all haha. There has been so many miracles. So firstly Monday night we got totally lost in the middle of nowhere trying to find this members house. We knew we had the right road but it was so long and dark and we were so confused cos we could see just two houses and we didn’t want to walk the wrong way and get more lost. So we prayed and felt we should just start walking and we did, but we just didn’t seem to be finding anything and the houses seemed to stop. So we went the other way and still couldn’t find anything and we were already late and they weren’t picking up the phone. And we were both praying in our hearts. I spoke with my Heavenly Father and told Him I was His missionary and right now I really needed His help. I prayed for a miracle, for the powers of Heaven. And as I closed my prayer sister crake said we could call another family who live super near. And as we said that and I finished my prayer, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen… A car pulls up and this very member sticks his head out and asks if we were looking for someone. Turns out he knew the way and had a full car so couldn’t take us but told us where to go. He even came to the house we were meant to be going to and eventually found about 15 mins later to make sure we got there safe. And then we found out that they were actually in a huge rush and they had first driven past us and then they had the feeling to turn back and come to us. They were answers to our prayers. I know prayer works! And another miracle. So we were on the train to Germany from Zurich And turns out we had the wrong ticket.The phone doesn’t work in Switzerland, we had no idea what to do and so you understand just how amazing what happens next us let me tell you what normally happens when someone doesn’t have a ticket in Switzerland. So you are charged over 100 franken on the spot, they carry credit card machines and everything, you will probably be yelled at, your name goes on a list and you get kicked off at the next stop. But this guy just looks at us and says no problem, don’t worry about it. Seriously. We are so blessed. And then that evening we did some finding in a place we both felt good about going to- although it’s got a bad name for being really hard to talk to people. So we stopped this one lady and she’s so amazing!! She’s got so much faith already, and she took a Book of Mormon and then she asked when she could meet us! So we swapped numbers. And then she asked us if we could pray together before we move on so we prayed for each other and when she prayed. Oh it was amazing, and I just felt the spirit so much, because guys, she didn’t just pray for me but for my family too: “for the families of these two lovely girls, I just met, who probably really miss them a lot” it was so beautiful. And then we have just really seen Gods hand in His work, in our lives 🙂 oh and the story about my new ward mission leader! So he dresses up as that guy and pretends he’s not all there and sister Hancock is in on the joke and he proceeds to ask me why I’m here and what we do. Amongst a whole bunch of other stupid hilarious stuff. I totally fell for it at the beginning, by the end I nearly guessed but I wasn’t sure haha it was so funny seriously he’s so great and I’m so excited for this ward as well and his area and these people! There are a lot of refugees here and I have heard already so many heart breaking stories, but also stories of hope and love. You know it’s one thing to see it on tv or read about it, it’s totally different to meet these people. And I can’t even imagine how it is to have experienced those things. I am just so grateful for the hope that Christ brings me . For me, He is a ray of light in the storm, he is hope when there is none, he is love. Who is Christ for you?  



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