Week 50

Well my dears! I am going to Germany!!!!! Transfer calls were this weekend, don’t remember if I said… Haha I really wanted to stay, this area is so amazing and has so much potential, and I just love the people here so much, the ward is incredible and I’m so in love with Switzerland!! But Germany calls 🙂 it is a place called Singen, actually by the border and I will be coming back to Switzerland on exchanges so that’s exciting haha especially because one of the areas
will be Aarau that I get to do exchange with so I can see all the people there again! And it’s also really cool because I was in singen twice already on exchanges and I just loved it there! I just felt so at home and of all he many places I was at that was the one I just
felt so connected to 🙂 and the place I felt like I had other, more work to do 🙂 so now I get to go there!! I am excited for this new adventure but so so sad to be leaving sister Crake and all the wonderful people here. It’s like a part of my heart belongs to
Switzerland now. But what President Uchtdorf once said always gives me comfort when it comes to goodbyes: “there are no true endings, only
everlasting beginnings” and I know that that is trueHeavy black heart️ otherwise what else happened this week…. Well it was really cool on Saturday, we went to Bern and our whole zone- so that is 22 missionaries plus about
6 members went out and spoke to the people of Bern! It was soooo much fun!!!! As missionaries it is what we call a finding day. And finding is literally that, we go out to find the people that are open and
ready to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to accept it and act upon it. And sometimes you know, when it’s cold and raining and no one wants to listen and the people are rude and you’re hungry it’s not the
most fun, and it can get a bit of a bad name in the missionary world, but I was really lucky in that I had a trainer who loved it so I just thought well if she likes it it must be great and then this time it
really was one of the most fun! We had this blow up globe and we walked around asking people if they knew how many people were on the earth and then talking about Gods love for every single one of us!!!!
Or getting the, to guess where we were from and then saying why we come so far and we found some really really cool people!!! And we had some cool appointments and I had exchange with sister van der put and it was way fun!!! I just had a good week. It’s not always easy to be a missionary. But it’s the best thing in the world!!!!!! And I have
almost no more time but I love you alllllll xoxoxoxoxox



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