Week 49


Hiiiii my lovely people, this week was, well a rollercoaster to say
the least. We had some really incredible experiences and also some
really sucky, but that’s kinda life. This week we spent another two
days at home 😦 My poor companion was sick,and I have also been sick
as well, so that’s been pretty sucky. We also got dropped by three of
our investigators- they don’t want to meet us anymore 😦 and two
wanted to be baptized.. But not anymore 😦 and then another guy who
was meant to be getting baptized this week isn’t sure about it
anymore. And another lady can’t meet with us anymore because of her
husband. Oh and three of the people we wanted to meet with said they
don’t actually want to see us. So yea 😦 butttttttt I have learnt that
you need the rain to see the rainbow.. And we sure had some rainbows!
We had some really rainbowy times too. We were able to go work with the
elders from Bern to one of our investigators who lives on a mountain
and help her move some old mattresses out of a 200 yr old barn.. And
then they blessed the house because she has been having some problems.
Then she texted us later telling us she could feel the difference! 🙂
we also had another day and I don’t even remember why it was so hard
but I was just super down and I just remember praying and promising
Heavenly Father I would endure. But that He would have to help me cos
I really couldn’t do it on my own. Then we went by on a lady we have
been reaching but not been able to see for a while. And she was in!
And let us in! And proceeded to tell us of a dream she had had, quite
a while ago. Where Christ had appeared to her. And told her she needed
to find a book! And she had forgotten all about this, until she was
speaking with us. And as we were able to testify of the Book of Mormon
it was super special 🙂 and then on Sunday I prayed especially that we
would be able to meet the people that we needed to. It is something
that we pray for everyday, but this day I also promised I would talk
to someone on all the transport we were on and do my very best. And
then we were just walking down into the train station and I got the
prompting to talk to this one lady- to offer to help her with her
bags, but I was like no that’s silly. She just has the two, she
doesn’t need your help, but then it came again so I was like oh well
here goes. Well then she didn’t want our help, but then we just felt
to ask her about meeting with us and explain what we do. And she said
yes! And then later that day We were waiting for a bus and then couple
with a baby were sitting playing salsa music and we started talking
but then they were busy so we stopped, but felt again I should go
over, so I gave the lady a card and then explained who we are and what
we do and we can go see them too! So that was super cool 🙂 and
another funny story, didn’t tell you last week but last weekend we
actually had to evacuate our apartment because of suspected carbon
monoxide poisoning……so we were both feeling kinda dizzy with
headaches and superrrrr tired and then we were just sat down at the
table eating lunch when the carbon monoxide alarm goes off! So then we
think a little….. And we are like hmmm… Are those symptoms of
carbon monoxide poisoning? We thought it was just the flu… So then
we checked it out on the church computer while we we were waiting for
an investigator… Turns out it was exactly how we felt! So we made a
few calls and ended up sleeping at the sisters place in Bern for the
next couple of nights. Monday night, sister crake had a migraine so we
were not able to go to Bern but we figured it would be okay if we just
slept with the windows open. The only problem being the damp cold
night air right…. So now more sick… And then finally, three days
later the guy from the heating comes “hmm well your heating is from
gas, but it’s new so there can’t be a problem there, but there is this
pipe right by your bedroom window that pumps out all the waste gases,
including carbon monoxide.. So maybe it was that” and well, isn’t that
the most ironic thing ever! We open windows to keep safe from carbon
monoxide and simultaneously manage to catch a cold and let more nasty
gases in! Hahahahaha but the alarm isn’t beeping now so we think we
are good 🙂 tis just rather funny. Another funny story: sister crake
is absolutely terrified of fish… And one lady we teach has two huge
tanks full…. And a couple of turtles! So I put my hand in one to try
stroke the turtle and get lovely fishy water all over my hand so I can
flick it on sister crake hehehe she threw some disinfectant at me
after… Hahaha we have a lot of fun together 🙂 and today we went to
the brienzer see (see through lake) deepest, coldest lake in Switzerland and
also he most beautiful colour!!!!!! And we put our feet in hehe. Man
that water was sooooooo cold! Hope you have a great week

ps I learnt something cool this week, about silver refining,
how it is heated super hot, but the refiner never looks away because
there is a very particular temperature that it needs to be taken out
at, and they know it when they can see their reflection in it 🙂 and
that’s like us! We are the silver. God is the refiner. We are in the
refiners fire and sometimes it gets real hot! But God, He never looks
away, and when He can see his image in our countenance, He knows we
are ready. I love that!!


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