Week 48


Hey!!! Hope you have had a rather wonderful week 🙂
this week has been good! To be fair I don’t really remember what
happened…. The days just seem to blur into another haha. But I want
to share something that i learnt yesterday. We had time between church
and our dinner appointment to go and do some finding- that is to say,
talk to people on the streets, knock on their doors, speak with them
in the bus and invite them to learn more about what we do, about
Christ, about prophets, Gods plan for us and the many other wonderful
things we have to share. Finding can be super fun or it can be super
hard and make you want to go throw bricks at something haha. To begin
with, I’ll be honest, I wasn’t super enthusiastic. It was raining, my
comp wasn’t feeling well, my hands were cold and everyone was being
super mean. It was so tempting to be like stuff this lets go home, we
have things to do there too, we can plan or do language study or any
number of things. But those reasons aren’t why I came here, I came to
share with the people of Switzerland the things that have made me
happy, and invite them to have that too! And we carried on, door
after door haha but we kept on, enduring, till we were able to enjoy.
Because as we walked door to door I pondered how I was feeling, how I
was testifying to these people that Christ brings hope when we feel
down, how we can find peace in hard times. But I wasn’t finding that!
We prayed. And oh it came, like a warm blanket around my shoulders, He
was there, He walked the path we walked and He was walking it again
with us. And slowly I was able to turn the smile I had on my face to
one of real joy, not one of ‘i hope no one can see that this is so
hard for me right now’. And then we got to the second to last door
before we had to go back. And the guy listened! And then he fetched
his son! And they listened to what we had to say, and they were nice.
And they smiled. And then…. They said they weren’t interested. But
it was okay! It was okay. So we got back on the bus, and we got back
to the train station. And we spoke to one of the guys waiting on the
platform too. And turns out he lives in Bern but would like to meet
with the missionaries there. I know without a doubt that when we show
the Lord we are willing to give our all he will bless us. But I
realized, even if absolutely no one wanted to listen to us it would
have still been okay. Because I gave my all. And that feels so good. I
re learnt the power of prayer to bring us peace yet again. I learnt
the power of faith. And I felt the power of what we teach. I love
being a missionary!!!!!! We also had a super cool lesson with a friend
of one of our investigators this week. He has been reading in the Book
of Mormon and had a whole bunch of questions, like he has been
studying! And then he pulls out this list of questions and I
was like oh boy here we go. But it was so awesome. Because this week
in Zone Training sister Crake and I were able to speak about answering
questions of the soul through the Book of Mormon, and then so he asks
his first question and then I tried answering it and half way through
I was like wellllllll actually in the Book of Mormon you can read
about that here… And again, and again and again! It was so cool to
see how the scriptures could answer his questions, a lot better than
we could for the record haha no surprise there! And now he has a whole
list of chapters to read and we meet again this week! It was such a
blessing for the spirit to bring these scriptures to our remembrance
and to have the spirit there so strongly as we testified of moroni’s
promise. It was so great!! I learnt something really cool reading in
my German Book of Mormon this week, I notice the individual words a
lot more and I think it was in chapter 8. Lehi has his dream and a man
appears, dressed in white and says follow me. And when he dies so he
ends up in a dark and dreary wasteland. Comfortless is how they
describe it. And it really impressed me, he was obedient, he did what
he should, he followed! And where did it lead? A dark and dreary
place. I think it can be like that for us sometimes. We do the things
we do and we still end up so,where it feels dark and dreary. But then
it impressed me what happens next. He prayed. And he ended up at the
tree of life. And partook of the fruit thereof, of the love of God. In
order to be able to appreciate the light we also have to experience
the darkness. But as we pray we will be guided to the light, to the
love that is always there. he is always always there. Have a great week :))))) xoxoxo


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