Week 47

Heyyy!! So this might not be so long since I don’t have so much time
This week was really awesome, we set a baptismal
date with one of our investigators!!! Thanks for your prayers, I know they helped!!! It
was soooo cool. And we just had some really awesome lessons this week
where I as able to feel the spirit and the investigator was able to
feel the spirit and the members and ah I just love being a missionary
so much!!! And we were able to have some really cool conversations
with people in the trains, they weren’t all interested in learning
more but it was just so great!! I’m just so happy. Haha. And church
yesterday!!! Oh my goodness. It was so wonderful. Fast and testimony
meeting is always a spiritual experience and I just loved it so
much!!!! And then we had such a wonderful lesson with our investigator
and a super sweet member, and we were all almost crying and oh I just
love the people here sooo much!!! And relief society was
great and I’m running out of adjectives but it was a really cool
week 🙂 and so many people that we meet are so prepared!! This one
lady, it was our first lesson with her and then we find out she has a
niece married to an rm who served in phillipenes where she is from and
she started showing us all these photos of her getting married in the
temple in America somewhere and she was just like I never had time for
the Mormons back home but I do now! And I’m just so so grateful for
this opportunity to serve here 🙂 Burgdorf is amazing and the ward is
so wonderful and we are just so well looked after and I can’t put it
into words how grateful I am to be here, to be a missionary, a part of
the Lords great work! I read a talk this week that I really liked, from President Benson, “flooding the earth with the Book of
Mormon” and I just love how he says “the time is now!” And it is he
time. To share a passage with a friend on the train, to put pictures
and quotes from it on our walls, to share it on the Internet, to share
it on the streets, to flood the earth with this wonderful book! I
recall a man we met in one of my first weeks here in Switzerland, we
introduced the Book of Mormon to him and he said “I’ve lost my faith
recently, maybe this book will help me find my faith” and then, months
later, when everything came crashing down he came to us, and he just
wanted us to read to him from this book, this wonderful book. And it
helped. And sometimes I think we underestimate the power of the Book
of Mormon. Because it has a power, the word of God. It is the
convincing power by which we come to understand what we need to change
and how we can do that- through the healing, strengthening, cleansing,
uplifting, power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. It really is
another testimony of Him. We have the Old Testament, and the New
Testament and we are so blessed in these times to have another
testament! I love this book, I invite you all to start if you haven’t,
and if you have carry on reading it. It will answer the questions of
your soul as you search in faith 🙂 I love it, I love my Saviour. I am
so grateful for the peace we feel, through him. We were in the temple
again this week, it’s been 8 weeks since we were there, we normally go
every 6 weeks, and it’s crazy how much difference that 2 weeks made, I
didn’t realize how much I had missed it until I went there again, and
I just felt soooo much peace, for now, for the future, for everything.
I just love it, and I love you all Heavy black heart️Heavy black heart️Heavy black heart️Heavy black heart️Heavy black heart️


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