Week 46

Heyyyy!!! So we had such a cool day yesterday oh my goodness!!!
Actually just an awesome week Smiling face with smiling eyesSmiling face with smiling eyesSmiling face with smiling eyesSmiling face with smiling eyes but yesterday was particularly
awesome. So the last week we’ve been pretty worried about this one
investigator who has a baptismal date but he hasn’t been at church for
a couple of weeks and then he cancelled our last lesson so when we
have been with members we have been reading in alma 6:6- that the
church should join together in mighty prayer and fasting for the
welfare of the souls who don’t know God I don’t know if that’s the
exact wording haha but along those lines 🙂 and then asking them to
pray for our three investigators with baptismal dates by name and
remember them in their fasts too. And then this one turned up to
church! Normally we have to pick him up at the train station but this
time he came, he was late but he came! And one of the others we
were able to just drop by on and see because she wasn’t there for our
last appt but now we know she’s still great with the gospel, she was
just sick. And the last, well it’s super sad because he comes from
Iraq he isn’t able to be baptized until he is a permanent resident of
Switzerland because of problems of people going back to Muslim lands
but he is so excited about baptism. He loved the baptismal service of
the little girl who got baptized on Saturday he just felt the spirit
so much!! And then we had a lesson and he was a little unsure about
the idea of prophets so we re taught about Joseph smith and he read
the story of the first vision in Arabic and he was almost in tears by
the end and then we all knelt and prayed and his prayer was so
powerful and ahhhh I just love being a missionary! But where was I, oh
yesterday, so a ysa spoke and I was sat by his little sister and he
leaves on his mission to Hungary next week and it just reminded me so
much of when I was leaving and oh man it feels like so long ago and
like last week at the same time haha. Well it feels like time has gone
so fast, but I feel so different as well so it’s strange haha. so we
also had another awesome lesson with that investigator and he just
feels the spirit so much and has the coolest metaphors! Like enduring
to the end is like extra power! Haha he’s so great. And then we had
two new ward missionaries set apart and their setting apart blessings
I just felt the spirit so strong!!! And sister crake also got a
blessing because she’s still not feeling so great and then we also had
a member and the zone leaders helping us out with a new book case for
our apartment this week and I’ve just been thinking about how grateful
I am for the priesthood!! Especially with the setting aparts it was
just such an incredible feeling to see these three men, a young,
middle aged and older man exercising the power and authority they hold
it was just a reminder of how blessed we are to have that on the
earth! And I know that I want that for my future family too, a worthy
priesthood holder. So then we made soup at the chapel and dropped a
talk by on an investigator then went to go see another. And he is so
cool!! He has so many questions, questions that he’s had since he was
just 14! And would lie awake thinking about them. And what we teach
gives him answers! And it’s so incredible to see that there truly are
people that the Lord is preparing the hearts of his children to hear
his word- and that is one of my new favorite scriptures too 🙂 this
week this guy will pray about baptism!!! His name is Daniel so if you
could pray for him that would be wonderful 🙂 and he gave us a
referral and told us he’d already given us friend a Book of Mormon!
and then we tried to go by on a potential but we couldn’t find her
house 😦 so then we went finding and we found a family and we got a
door slammed in our face haha twas funny. And then we got the train
home to finish weekly planning and we had to run so we just sat down
as soon as we got in and started talking to the guy on the opposite
seats, and asked him if he had had a good day and he was like no. The
explained how he’s super sick and will probably die soon 😦 but we
were able to speak about life after death and the plan of salvation
and I had a plan of salvation pamphlet in my bag that I had meant to
give to a member but forgot somehow but then I had it to give to him!
And we were able to exchange number to meet again 🙂 and then it was
also so cool on the bus home we sat right by the same guy that had
been with us on the bus in the morning on the way to church! So we got
chatting, turns out he’s a preacher in one of the villages and knows a
Mormon family and he had a Book of Mormon but lost it so we could give
him a new one! He said he was too busy to meet but planting seeds
feels great too. Then we had such a boss planning session and I’m so
excited about our area and missionary work and I just love it so
much!!! Have an amazing week !!!


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