Week 45

Heyy!! Hope you are all are doing well !!! I dont quite know what to start with haha its always the case but if i just start by writing stuff comes haha. So this week we were at home most of the week because my companion was sick and under doctors orders so i did a lot of studying !! And it was super cool. I learnt a lot and had some really special experiences that I wont ever forget. So that was awesome. Tuesday we had a district meeting in burgdorf- it was really great, I just love being with the missionaries!! And then Wednesday we were at home the whole day , but then we get a Klingle at our door, around lunch time and then someone breathes down the microphone speaker then and then nothing .. it was so weird!! And then like a minute later I got a call from one of the elders in our district and he told me they had just blessed their lunch and had the impression we needed to go down stairs and i was like what the fudge!?!?!?!  We just had the weirdest like door ring .. But okay i trust you i guess we should go down. SO i tell Sister C and we go down the apartment stairs. And she was like it was totally the elders. Haha and lo and behold there is a sweet little note and two full plates of chocolate fondue and fruit. They cam e and dropped it off for us !! The elders bless them! Seriously its the little things! Then we have had so many texts and phone calls from members asking if we are okay and how we are doing and if we need anything, we had one drop of us vegetables and cookies !! I feel so loved!!!! I really know  that Heavenly Father sends us angles from heaven and also angles on earth to bless our lives 🙂 SO then on Thursdays sister ban der put and her companion came for us to do exchanges so that I could get out to teach some investigators and we had some really powerful lessons and we had one guy that I told you about last week i think, and now he has a baptismal date!! Hes super coool !!!! Im so excited for him !!! Please pray for him !!We also had this hilarious evening with the sisters with the sisters and then had the most wonderful talks. Honestly these sisters are so special to me. I love them all so much !!! SO then Friday we spent the whole day inside again, lots of time to study!! And the on Saturday we where freeeeee !!! We were walking to Bahnhof and we decided to go finding and everyone was rejecting us, over and over again. But then one of the last… opened the door and actually spoke to us and said we could come back. On sunday we had a couple investigators at church, one english speaking and a german speaking so we where teaching with the members and it was super cool !!, The guy we were teaching was thinking about “becoming mormon” and its so cool !! Hes awesome! And I gave a talk at church!! And we also went to the mountains today !! We made snow angles, well, we tried… Haha the snow was so frozen it kinda hurt haha and then we climbed up this one hill to the bottom of a huge waterfall that was frozen but melting and cracking it was so cool !! And we crossed a frozen to get there and you could hear the water underneath!! Thank you for all your prayers and love!! Have a great week and remember that its the little things that count “By small and simple things are great things brought to pass”


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