Week 44

Well I seriously can’t believe it’s already p day again haha time is
the weirdest thing everrrr! I don’t know what to say guys haha. This
week was crazy.
I realize all I’m learning so I guess in a way hard times are actually
the best times because they are the times we make the most progress
which is actually why we came here to earth! So. But even though we
know that when we are I the middle its flipping hard! When you kneel down and find out what it means to cry unto the Lord, when you kneel down and pour out your soul and you tell him that you honestly don’t know how you will do this. And then you
see that wit him you can. And you take it day by day, hour by hour,
minute by minute. And you learn. And you grow. Growing pains right! If
life is like the refiners fire then I feel like on a mission they turn
up the heat. But what does that make? Us purer and even more refined.
And really they are nothing compared with what other people go
through.we are teaching a guy from Iraq it’s actually super cool his
story, so we were on the way home
it was like 9 pm after a lesson and we were on the train and then
walking back and this guy kept turning around and looking at us and my
first instinct was like turn the fudge around I’m a sister man I have
a skirt to my calves and fluffy coat and scarf and clumpy boots man
what are you even looking at!! The he asks: Oh you speaking English?
And we were like yep and we got talking swapped numbers called made an
appointment met and met again. Turns out he found out about the church
from American soldiers and has seen and read in the Book of Mormon and
the pamphlets and has watched finding faith in Christ and then he saw
us in the train and thought maybe we are from America and spoke to us
and then finds out its this church!!! He’s so cool!!
he has so much faith!!! And he came to church on Sunday for the first
time! So really I have nothing to complain about. I
am safe, I am loved I am engaged in the best work there is!! I love it
so much!!! Oooo and this week we got snow!!!! And it’s
soooooo pretty!!!!!! And we got fondue! It’s like a huge pot of
boiling cheese and you dip bread in it. I also bought a bought a new
blouse! It’s so pretty:))))  and I tried on
heels! I can’t walk in them anymore hahahahaha. We also had the most
hilarious appointments. One investigator hahah I’m running out of time haha but just
remind me to tell you guys sometime because we laugh so hard we cry.
Well i got to go Xoxoxoxox


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