Week 43 !!!

Hello!!! This week has once again flownnnnn by!! We had a
bit of a rough week. One of those with slamming doors and wet cold
feet and fallen out appointments and people dropping us. But a week
where you learn to appreciate the little things like a member who
gives you hot chocolate. A week were you learn to play the gratitude
game even when you end up saying I’m grateful to not serve in Alaska
(I’m sure it’s wonderful there but I, glad I don’t have snow and cold
the whole year, Heavenly Father knew I couldn’t do that, but he knows
I can do this) haha. A week where you learn to pray even more and even
more sincerely when you already thought your prayers were sincere and
heartfelt. A week where you learn that when it’s dark you look for
stars and when it rains you look for rainbows. As a side note the
stars here are flipping gorgeous. As you all saw in the photos in
snowed! And then an hour later it rained and turned to brown slush.
Delightful! But really we are so blessed and so cared for. I know our
Heavenly Father knows us and loves us and he will only give us what we
can handle. And he might send the storms but he also saves us from the
storms. Think ether and the boats 🙂 and I know that the power of the
Atonement isn’t that it makes it better it’s that it, He makes us
better. He can give us that mighty change of heart but we have to let
him. Mosiah 5. We have to want it, tell him we will give him our heart
but that he has to help us because there is no way we can’t to it
alone Heavy black heart️ on another note please pray especially that on Saturday we
will be able to especially have the spirit. We are meeting that golden
guy who we met thanks to a prompting of the spirit. Who agreed to meet
us because God told him he needs to and who thinks he might become
Mormon and has been reading the the Book of Mormon and praying. He’s
so great! Sorry this is short. Almost out of time and I wish I could
write all the things but I never have time. And I always run out
before I get to the funny stories haha. Anyways you’ll hear them some
time. Just know that we laugh a lot. We smile a lot. Because the
message we share is one of hope and joy and happiness! We are loved so
much. Times can be hard, it’s okay to feel down sometimes. But like c
s Lewis said how can we know how tall we are until we are in over our
head. And we can always feel peace 🙂



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