Week 42

Hey my lovely people!! Hope you all had a wonderful new year and lots
of fun, made some new goals and are super excited for what is to come
🙂 We spent New Year’s Eve with a member, she’s so sweet!! And we chatted and ate yummy food and then they have a couple of really cool tradition things that they do here. One is called a tischbomb and yes that means table bomb. You lift the fuse and it goes boom and a whole bunch of party stuff explodes. And then there’s this thing so you have a box tray thing of metal shapes, like lucky things kinda like monopoly
pieces but maybe like twice as big. Then you put on on a spoon, hold
it over a candle until it melts. And it’s made of some metal that
melts without like a blow torch haha and then you chuck it into a tub
of cold water and then it forms into a shape and then there’s a whole
list of ‘things’. And you say what the shape looks like, find it on
the list and it says something about your new year.. Unless your me
and you can’t do it properly and you end up with a whole bunch of
pieces haha and a whole bunch of futures!! It was super funny. We had
to be home by 10 and we were a little late… Because of the trains!
Haha but only by a little and we were so exhausted haha missionaries
literally switch off at 10:30 and we were asleep way before 12. But
because the apartment is so warm we always leave one window in our
bedroom open a little and at midnight the church bells and the
fireworks started and oh my goodness they were so loud!!!!!! We both
woke up haha and it went for agessssss we had to close the window so
we could sleep haha but it was absolutely beautiful! I can’t tell you
what it looked like because I couldn’t be bothered to get out of bed
hahahaha but it sounded amazing!!!!! We also set a new baptismal date
this week!!He’s a refugee from Eritrea, he has so much faith and he came to church with a whole list of words from the Book of Mormon that he didn’t understand. Because there is none in his mother language. But the Spirit can still, and has still testified
that it is good. I love being a missionary! That day we set it was
such a miracle day. We met the golden guy that we found again and he
was like this is not coincidence that I keep seeing you!! And we found
someone who let us in and we taught the restoration gave them a Book
of Mormon and we can go back!!! And we talked to some of the coolest
people ever in the trains and we had a lesson about the plan of
salvation and he was like this makes so much sense! Haha and it does!!
It’s beautiful:)))) This week we also met with a lady I admire so
much, she has it really hard and she told us she’s just so tired. And
so she prayed to God for strength, for help and then we turned up at
the door! And we had planned to teach her about her commandments but
it didn’t feel right so we ended up sharing scriptures about the
atonement and we watched this Mormon message, I think it’s called
mountains to climb in English and I totally recommend watch it and
read the talk!! And it’s so powerful. We were all in tears by the end,
it’s experiences like this that are as treasures to me, things like
that I’ll never forget. And the Atonement is so magnificent, I think I
could study my whole life time and I still would only grasp a tiny
little portion. But I can do my best! I have been doing a lot of
studying and thinking about the atonement this week and how we can
access it. Because I know I have felt the power of it, especially
here. I mean before my mission I knew it was there, I knew Jesus
suffered and died for me, I knew he could help me I felt peace I felt
forgiveness. But here, here I have come to understand His Grace. The
enabling power of the Atonement. The inconceivable, incomprehensible
source of all love. It’s always there. He’s always there, the trick is
learning how to always be open for it. And I am simply so grateful for
Him. That he knows how I feel when my feet hurt from walking- his feet had nails driven through them. That he knows how it feels when people reject us- I don’t think anyone felt that more than him. That he knows how I feel when people I love choose to reject what I know and love and what they know to be true- one of his closest friends betrayed him to his death. That he knows how it hurts to have an achey back from a heavy bag- he carried not only that cruel cross but all the sins and pains and hurt and ill and injustice of the world. That he knows how
it feels to have your heart broken and that he heals it all up. He
knows it all! He’s been there before, there’s a poem called that, look
it up! So amazing. But really he knows it he felt it he endured it. We
just need to let him in, trust him! Have a great week xoxoxoxo


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