Week 41 !!!

Heyyyy!!! So Christmas Eve we had an investigators house and her husband cooked dinner for us and it was sooo good… But he just kept on filling up our plates even when we were like no thank you he was like nahhh you want more.. And then again with dessert! But it was really nice and they had a Christmas tree with real candles and we sung Christmas carols and I lovedddd singing silent night Heavy black heart️ then we went home and we read the Christmas story together and then it was night and then it was Christmas morning!
Opened pressies. Ate, then came to skype! So after we skyped home we went to a families house for brunch, it was so good! And they had hummus!! Which they gave to us afterwards to take home and a whole bunch of other cheese and bread and what not. They are so sweet!! So then we went back to the chapel and my companion skyped and she sounded even more English afterwards haha and one came from Yorkshire! It’s been so long since I heard a Yorkshire accent haha. Then we went to a less actives place, she was alone for Christmas but she is the sweetest and she is so  funny. So we ate with her again haha and listened to David archuleta and the Mormon tabernacle choir :))))) then we had another dinner appointment! I was full already…. And then we ate lamb steak with potatoes and vegetables then we had dessert and oh my goodness…. It took me foreverrrrrr to finish. I was so full!!!! But
the members here are so sweet, there’s none of this making the
missionaries eat until they die which I really really appreciate..
Hahaha but still. I was sooo full! And seriously the next morning I
was still full. But anyways we ate then we went for a walk and the
moon was so bright! It was full moon and the stars were out and it was
so nice:) then Boxing Day we had brunch again…. Haha it was so yummy
though! These Swiss people know how to eat well and they had this
yummy as cheese ahhhhhh so good! Better have it in aus or imma die
haha. Then we met with a couple of investigators. I’m so excited about
them! There is one, he’s had such a hard life and we spoke about the
power of the Atonement to take away pain. Then we met another who is
so cool he’s just like amen! When we say something he really agrees
with haha and then he’s just so real he was saying how he’s serious
about this, how he wants know so much that he can testify with
confidence :))) and then in the evening we had quite an unforgettable
appointment…. Haha she is just a little crazy, she is so sweet and
loving but let me give you an example. At one point she put a belt
with bells hanging off it on and some Christian pop and started
dancing around. Then she tried to make me and as I wouldn’t she got
one of the elders too. So he danced with a belt on that was full of
bells…. Another point she got one of the elders to light a candle
that she had put gunpowder in.. And then it went bang. Anyways it was
interesting haha, buts she’s super nice and amazing ahaha. And today we were on a mountain! Heavenly Father loves you all so much, what I’m doing here is His work, and I know it is true, I know He loves you all so much!!!


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