Week 40 !!

Hey heyyyyy hope you’re all having a wonderful week and are as excited for Christmas as I am! Christmas really is the most wonderful time ofthe year. And Christmas here! There’s so many awesome traditions I want to bring home with me 🙂 I’m so excited to share them all with you :)))) Have you all seen both the new Christmas films???? My favourite is the one “a world without a Saviour” it would be so awful! There would be no hope and no light and no love. But there is a Saviour! And He loves us so much, and he is there for us. We are never ever alone 🙂 we celebrate Christmas to remember Him, to remember what He did for us,that He is our Redeemer, our Messiah. Heavy black heart️ I love that I get to teach people all about Him and what He has done for us 🙂 yesterday we were talking to some people at Bahnhof – the train station while we were waiting for our bus to come and we gave this one lady a Christmas pass along card. She took it, well her little son did. he was about maybe, but they moved on so we carried on talking to some other people and then well Sunday evening not many people are out we saw her again! And the little kid comes up to us and is like “would you like a Christmas card” super high and sing song haha impersonating us. And
then he started telling us everything he knew about Christ and His
miracles and it was so cute and so precious! Then his mum called him
away so we saw another guy and we were like yay new person! So we got
talking to him and he just would not listen. He was saying how he has
all these questions, in fact he has so many he doesn’t know what they
are anymore and then he was telling us how no one including God could
be perfect and he just had all these doubts. And we were speaking
about the Book of Mormon and how it answers questions. Turns out he
already had one but hadnt read yet. So anyways we were talking to him
and then this little kid is dancing around us and this guy is not
impressed haha and he’s smoking so the kid goes back to his mum and is like yelling over all the horrible things that happen to you body when
you smoke and embellishing… Blood will come from your nose and your
stomach will etc haha it was super funny and this man is just like
little child you have no idea. And then the kid comes back over and is
telling this guy he knows what’s going on that we want him to read a
book but he doesn’t want to read it and I was like man this kid is
good haha. But then this guy was just super sarcastic and the poor kid
had no idea. The kid was also Swiss and the guy from Germany and the
little kids don’t always understand high German so he was like huh?
Sometimes, but our bus was coming and we had to go and this guy didn’t want to meet up with us again so as we said bye and we’re leaving we here this kid telling the German guy he’s going to überzeug him and there’s no real translation but it’s similar to like convince, so this
kid was planning on convincing this guy about Christ. So we as we are
walking away we hear this little voice talking about Christ and His
miracles. Now I have no idea what will happen but I feel like I
understand a lot better what Christ meant when He said we needed to
become as a little child, this kid was just so full of light and hope
and truth and innocence. And this guy just the opposite. It was so sad
to see! But he will have his chance, when people start meeting
missionaries more than once they are just destined for this:) this
week I was also able to see Bruder A and his son! They came to
visit Burgdorf ward and brought birthday and Christmas presents and
cards but the best thing ever was just being able to see them again,
and see his progress in the gospel. We also went I think it was
Saturday to contact this referral in the middle of nowhere. I kid you
not we were like 5 hours traveling and we did t get to find them
because we ended up having to stay on the bus after I asked the bus
driver when the last bus was and found out that this was the last one
until 10pm that night… I figured something was a little off when the
lady we were talking to asked me somewhat incredulously if we were
planning on going home the same day…. Haha but people out there are
super nice, the bus driver was making calls for us to figure out where
this lady lives because they all know each other out there haha and
then he was basically being a tour guide for the bus ride back and he
stopped the bus for us to get out and take pictures at the end stop
because there was this beautiful huge tree covered in lights and there
was snow there too!!! Because we have no snow here 😦 apparently it’s
never been this warm in December before so sad- no white Christmas 😦
but it was super cool on Saturday, we met so many people that we just
needed to meet and talk to so that always makes me happy 🙂 anyways
this is getting kinda long haha. I love you all so much!!!! Have a
wonderful week


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