Week 39 !!!

Hi everyone! Soooo this week I have my full two hours so I’ll do my
best to write everyone and answer everything!! How are you all doing??
So I have so much to tell you all haha so firstly. Transfers. Sadly I
lost sister von Hacht 😦 and she is training now too! A second
transfer golden which means I’m her step grandmother once removed!
Haha mission language.. Lol so I was sister von hachts second trainer
and she is sister pascales second trainer.. So excited for her 🙂 brand new from the Mtc! She is from England!!! She’s so great, I love her! It’s super weird training again though, makes me think a lot about when I was being trained- which by the way doest feel so far away!!! But I’m getting
olddddddd. Also my birthday! I really am getting old! I keep
forgetting I’m 20 now haha. And it was pretty cool getting my new companion on my birthday! And I spent the day on Tausch with sister van der Put because she was getting new golden too and we got to go see some of our old investigators in Aarau!! So that’s was super great:) and then the day after we had dinner with one of our investigators and she
lovesssss the sisters and she wrapped this huge package for me! And I
had noooo idea what it could be and then I start unwrapping layers and
layers and layers…… And this beautiful wooden bear statue at the
end :’) she’s so cute! Because to her I’m sister bärli because my
spirit animal is a bear.. Twas great and she gave us so much food! And
the members too!! Man I’m going to get sooooo fat haha. Also last p day was super cool. We had pancakes at a members place and then we did our shopping then she took us out and bought us a Christmas tree!!! Like a real one and it smells amaaaaazing!!!!!! But I’ll send a picture next week of it all decorated with pressies under it hehe :)) and then she took us to the weissenstein and that’s a mountain a little but north of us and it was superrrrr foggy but as we drove up all of a sudden the sun was
shining and it was so beautiful!!!!!!! I don’t remember if I sent
pictures from it so I’ll send some again but it was literally
breathtaking! I lovedddddd it:) and today we had fun decorating the
tree and just being a little more relaxed haha. It’s super funny cos
I’m having to learn how one buys tram/bus tickets here because her pass hasn’tarrived yet…. Haha it’s interesting!! But anyways. This mountain and the fog made me think, and I’ve been thinking a lot about light recently. Sometimes I feel life is a little like living under the
fog.. I mean it’s not totally dark there’s light but you can’t really
see it, you can’t really see much at all and what you can see is kinda
fuzzy. You know there must be a source of light somewhere but you
don’t really know how to find it.. But you just keep climbing this
mountain of life– i know its cheesy but bear with me! And then slowly but surely it starts to get lighter…. And then all of a sudden the light bursts through and it’s beautiful and bright and wonderful and it’s all so
worth it for the view from the top. I know Christ is our Saviour, that
He is the light and the life of the world, and we need to believe in
Him and we need to believe Him when He says He is there because
although we can’t always see Him he’s always there! By the way we invited these 6 Africans to the live nativity the ward puts on every year, that was Saturday and it was amazing by the way! And then we invited them to church and they all came and we meet them again on Wednesday!!!!!!! And we had a lesson with this lady who thought Mormons were a sect, we read with her in the Book of Mormon.. And she couldn’t pull her eyes away! We go back this week 🙂 miracles happen everyday. Have a wonderful wonderful week 🙂


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