Week 37

Hello!! Sorry again this’ll be short, I have maybe like 7 minutes….. Well 10 but a couple to send some photos too. Today we were at zibelmärit it’s a confetti festival. You just throw it ateveryone…. It’s awesome!!!! We had a blast 🙂 but it’s interesting. P day is so much fun but I feel it, I feel that I’m less not focused but less busy with spiritual things. Although we study in the morning and we have lessons in the evening it’s different. And it’s helped me learn the difference between joy and fun and let me tell you good fun is awesome. But nothing. Absolutely nothing is better than the pure joy to be felt through the Saviour. Through the His Gospel. Through Gods plan and through sharing that! We met a guy his week. One we nearly didn’t talk to, we had been rejected by a whole bunch of people and he didn’t really look like the kind to accept it.. If one was to judge… Don’t! Haha amd he was our age and a guy and we were like ahhh… But we did, because we don’t have the right to make that decision for them! So we stopped him and we got talking and he told us how he wants to ch age his life. And we were able to testify of the power of thr Atonment to help us overcome all things. And then we met this older guy who was pretty sure he didn’t need another bible.. Until we told him Joseph smiths story and the first vision. And on that doorstep, as it snowed and our toes froze the spirit of the Lord testified of the truth of that quiet spring morning. And suddenly he was open to not only have us being him a Book of Mormon to to explain more about it and read in it! That’s the power of the spirit to change the heart and that’s the change I want too, this conversion, to always be more and more amd more converted. To give Him my whole heart might mind and strength and I know as we do that we are blessed and we bless the lives of those around us.️ Have a great week !!!!



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