Week 36


Heyyy !!!!! So we went to Bern today and up the Munster and
then shoe shopping, sadly didn’t find any 😦 and we were also planning
for our zone training assignment so I don’t have much time to email
you all 😦 sorry!!! But I’ll try send as many photos as the Internet
will let me! This week was wonderful! We see so many miracles and it
is super amazing the best thing in the world! There was a missionary
leaving this week from a different ward but she spoke at stake
conference and I was just so excited for her!!! And excited for
everyone who makes the choice to come on a mission. Guys. It’s what
the Lord wants from you and I promise it’s the best thing you can do
for your life, for your eternity! And girls if it’s what the Lord
wants from you don’t wait, don’t second guess don’t ask Him if He’s
sure.. He is! He wants you:) mission are amazing. I finally understand
the pioneers a little better when they spoke about crossing the plains
and the hardships but how they were grateful for them and how they
said they wouldn’t change a thing, that they wouldn’t have it any
other way- I get it! Mission can be so hard and sometimes it hurts so
bad but I wouldn’t change anything. I literally would not give up, or
want to give up anything that has happened because it has made me
stronger, it has made me better and it has changed me 🙂 this weekend
we had interviews with president and stake conference and district
meeting as well and it was just so spiritual, all of it just lifted
me! I was also able to get a priesthood blessing from one of my zone
leaders,and it was so amazing!! I am soooo grateful for the
Priesthood. I had had the feeling for a little while that I needed to
get one but I guess I was a bit prideful and I didn’t want to ask for
help. I figured I had prayer and the scriptures and my Heavenly Father
and I didn’t need it… When I finally got over myself and asked oh I
really can not describe how amazing it was, you know the song a poor
wayfaring man of grief? The line that says “and peace bound up my
broken heart” it sounds kind of dramatic and please don’t think my
heart was broken or anything but it kind of felt like that, a little.
Like I was being bound up and made new and fresh and good again. And
that’s what our Saviour does. In my blessing I was reminded of the
Atonement and of the Saviour and I love the German word they use
sometimes for Saviour ‘Heiland’ literally like one who heals and
that’s what He does. That’s what His Atonement does. And again it’s
not like I was sick or so,ethjng awful happened it was just to the
point where it had hurt a lot to see people I had come to love so much
reject the Gospel and it be hard for them. But anyway why isn’t
important anymore, what is important is our Saviour and how much He
loves us! And I loveeeeee being able to share that! We also had a
really cool experience yesterday, we were talking to a lady on the bus
about what we believe and we shared the articles of faith and she asked
about her laying on of hands and it was so awesome cos I was able to
share my testimony of the priesthood – especially after just having
received a blessing 🙂 and then we got out and had no idea how to get
to the members place we were meant to be going to so we called them
and they sent someone to pick us up and while we were waiting the bus
driver wandered by so of course we greeted him haha and he turns to us
and I thought he was going to offer to help out with directions or
something because he had his phone out but then he puts it away and was like hey I over heard you in he bus and he had a whole bunch of
questions and we were able to talk to him too! It was such a miracle
for us !! Thank you for all your prayers i know they work 🙂


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