Week 34

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Hey my beloved ones! Yea that's sounds weird I English haha. I've been
speaking a lot of German with my new companion which is really good! But my
English suffers haha. She has actually like perfect English but we are
in Switzerland so deutsch! Haha the first few days of the week were a
crazy blur of so many appointments saying good bye :( but it was so great to
see everyone and I just felt so loved! Like I managed to make a
difference and I was able to see why I was there. It was
really great :) amd then transfer day! Man I did not think I would get
everything packed. But I prayed and somehow it worked out! And I know
we can pray about silly things like that because Heavenly Father loves
us and cares about us so much!! Anyways. Now I'm in Burgdorf! And I
love it!! My new companion is super sweet and although I'm supposed to
be training her she's teaching me so much, and in teaching I'm
learning. And times of change are the best for learning, because
repentance is quite simpley change. To put it simply at least it is
stopping with the bad, starting with the good, and making the good
better. And as we do that we are so blessed! So I'm also excited for
this change and to help others to experience this mighty change of
heart! A little about my new area. So it's a whole bunch of little
towns and villages in the Swiss hills. Emmental is the region :) it's
near bern which is great and it's also near the temple. Also great!
They speak Bern deutsch here... A Swiss dialect that is hard for even
my German comp to understand.. So it's interesting! I think if like an
Austrian dialect is like Scottish accent in English then Bern deutsch
is like hmm a really really strong Yorkshire accent. Like the kind you
can't understand unless you come from a tiny village in the middle of
the Yorkshire dales:) except they all speak it. Thank goodness for
high German haha. The ward is super sweet, one lovely person told me
how Aussie lost the final :( haha Also this one girl drew the
cutest picture for me :) The missionary work here is a lot different
because there are a lot of cows and fields and not so many people haha
but we have big plans for this place! And I'm super excited :) our
apartment is a palace! Okay not exactly but it has a washing machine
and a sofa! Actually two!I love it! And my new companion. And just life in
general. It's wonderful! We are so blessed to experience miracles
everyday, and I just know without a doubt that I am so loved! And it
makes me so sad because there are so many people out there that don't
know that! So we will change that, change the world because "pure
Christlike love flowing from righteousness can change the world" and
it will! So I want to invite you all to tell someone this week just
how loved they are and then write me and tell me how it felt. I
promise you that it will bring you so much peace and joy and you will
feel the power of what you say :) Miss you all !!!

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