Week 34

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Hellooooooo. So. First things first I'm getting transferred!!!! I'll
be going to Burgdorf this Thursday. It's between Solothurn and Bern
and the area is a couple of what they call cities but not really more
like towns and then villages. My new companion is a 
golden (new missionary) in her second transfer so I'll be finishing off the second
half of training her! It's crazy but super exciting but also super
sad. There are a lot of exciting things happening here and I have been
so so blessed to see the missionary work here in this area growing and
accelerating and I just can't express how much I have come to love
this area and these people, they mean the world to me! I wrote last
week about the guy we found that called us to make an appointment
right? Well he is so great!!! We have started counting the miracles
around him and I think we are at like 10 or 11 now haha. So we had a
lesson, he actually turned up! He also bought us Fanta which was super
nice because we were at this cafe hoping we wouldn't be seen and have
to buy something cos we were broke lol but we did have to order and
then he said he'd pay! I really don't like letting other people pay
but this time it was such a blessing haha. Next time we meet at the
chapel so no worries about that again lol. So anyways we introduced
the Book of Mormon and got to know his religious background and he
told us about an experience that he had like 2 weeks before he met us
which was like an "enlightening" idk the proper translation haha it
was like he saw a light/ received light and made him decide to stop
drinking alcohol! And then he even prayed at the end of the lesson and
you could see it in his eyes that he felt the spirit so strong as he
did and we did too and it was such a beautiful prayer! And that was a
crazy day. We had like 5 lessons one after the other every hour a new
one haha but that moment, it was like time stood still for a moment.
:) so then he tells us he actually wanted to come to church last week
but it didn't work out but that he'll be there this week. We confirmed
with him on Saturday evening and he said he was going to make his own
way there. 2 minutes before 9 on Sunday still no sign of him so we
call and he's totally lost and we don't know the street names of that
area so well and he's from Austria so his German is different - it's
actually really cool, reminds me of a Scottish accent in English but
like German haha anyways it's hard to understand so sister van der Put
tried and she couldn't and then our assitant GML tried and that still
didn't help so he was just like okay I don't want to keep you from
church so he hung up and we just texted him describing where the
church was and then he never texted back and so we were watching the
last session of conference and so we were still sitting in the chapel
and and hour and 15 minutes later he walks in, sits down on like the
third row from the front and starts watching! So in the intermediate
hymn sister van der Put went to sit by him and explain what was
happening and I stayed by one of our other investigators and it was
just so cool to watch him get so into it! And then after he was like
quoting the Book of Mormon to us and he's already read 40 pages and
we're soooo excited!!! He's so great. And then he texts us in the
evening telling us how he went walking after church and he's never
felt so energized and how grateful he is. He even called us angels
haha he's so great! I'm so sad I'll have to leave him :( but he's in
th good hands of sister van der Put and her golden! I'm so excited for
the golden. I'm pretty biased I guess haha but Aarau is the best place
haha. So we also had dinner at Bishops on Sunday night
with Bruder A the new convert and his son. It was so great!! Ahhh
I love them all so much! I taught the kids g'day mate and see ya!
I'm starting to be able to understand Swiss German a bit more
now but now I'll be in canton bern and that's a totally different
dialect so I'll have to re learn it hahah but it'll be great :) it's
also pretty close well, a bit closer to the temple but it's in my zone
so I can go there on p day too! So that's way exciting, also because
I'll probs be in Burgdorf for Christmas :))) also just take a
moment... Sister BURGess in BURGdorf haha makes me smile :) alsoooo I
hear Burgdorf has a washing machine in the apartment! So we don't have
to go down to the cellar and deal with that woooooo hahaha. This week there has been so many tender
mercies, I just know the Lord loves me sooo much! I feel it in all the
little things and in big things and I know that he's always there. We
had to go contact a referral at the edge of a village and she wasn't at
home and there was only a few other houses and no one was interested
so we got on the bus but then it just felt so pointless and we were
like there HAS to be a reason.. So anyways we got in the bus and
started talking to the bus driver since there was no one else and he
was super cool and then before we got off we swapped numbers and he
would like to meet! I just love being a missionary sooo much. It's not
easy by a long shot but it's so so worth every single second :) also
it was really cool on Saturday we helped the ward out at a stake
volleyball tournament and I was like oh wow of all the sports the one
that I literally can not play to save my life hahaha but it was cool,
my wrist is a little sore and bruised hahaha I think I have to work on
my technique :) but my fav
part were these two little girls that we were just rolling the ball
with between one of the games and then playing catch and they wanted
me to spin them around and they were jumping up to high five me and
they were just super cute! And then I had to play again but they
wouldn't leave me haha they were both hanging on to a hand each and
then someone made them get off the court but they would run back on
and like tap the back of my leg and be like sister! And then run away
haha I thought it was cute but they're pretty serious about their
volleyball so the girls got sent up to the like viewing platform thing
and they were jumping around cheering for us :') "hopp sisters" and
it's normally used as "hopp schwiez" so like yay Switzerland haha it
was super cute and then we were saying bye to them at the end and one
just bugs me and looks up to me and is like I love you :') my heart
melted! Seriously I love these people sooo much! Have a wonderful week
:) :) :)

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