Week 33

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Hii, It feels like Christmas is coming!! It is sooo cold
here you would not believe it!!! It was like 7 degrees one morning!!!
And doesn't get much warmer during the day haha. My hands were turning
blue!!!! And we had a little but of sunshine today when we were in
Germany and I was just soakingggg it up, it was way nice! I also
didn't wear a coat today! But I did have like 5 layers haha toasty! We
were at this old fortress castle thing, one of the elders has all the
pics though so I'll send them next week :) it was so nice though :) I
loveeeed it and one of the elders also brought a rugby ball and we
were passing that around I can't
believe it's already been another week and transfers are coming up
again super soon- we get calls on Saturday! And then if I get
transferred it'll be next Thursday- so the 29th so if you have
anything to send send in the next day or so or I won't get it before I
leave.. If I leave! I think I will but we just don't know what
President will do! This week we were able to go to the temple!!! It
was soo great, there is just such an incredible spirit of peace and
love and joy and it's the best!!!!! I loveeee it :) and we were able
to do the endowment on behalf of this lovely French ladies ancestors-
she had brought three names I think, maybe or but there was one she
was planning to do and there was two other sisters though, so she
asked us if we could do them and of course we said yes and we sat with
her and it was so special So this week we also had a really cool experience. It was a coldddafternoon, we had two hours planned in for finding time and we had to come home to drop off a couple of things a member had given us- so we
dropped them off and we both had the feeling we should go finding in
olten- that wasnt the plan we had made but we decided to pray and we
both felt strongly that we needed to go the other side of the river.
So off we went talking to everyoneeeee and we were going up the stairs
out of Bahnhof and we had literally just spoken to someone who was
like um no I have to catch a train. And it would have been so easy to
miss the person behind him or just assume that he also had a train to
catch and would just brush us off like two annoying flies haha but we
stopped him and had a really good chat, he wasn't really interested so
we showed him one of the cards we use a lot, the Easter one Er lebt (he lives) -
the video about Christ and told him he could call us if had questions
or wanted to know more. And he was so much more interested! So we
ended up swapping numbers- which like never happens after we give out
cards because they have our number and we like "ich melde mich" kinda
like I'll let you know/ I'll get in touch and some do, but most don't
:( so it was so cool so we were like awesome! We give him a couple of
days and call to see if he watched it and if he wants to meet! Then so
I also had this pink house in my head but there were soo many and I
didn't really know exactly what it was just pink but I knew I'd know
it when I saw it.. So we were walking between them over the bridge,
then back to the other side and no one wanted to talk to us, we had a
couple of calls to make so we sat down. Made them. Ate a piece of
chocolate and looked over the river and saw the pink house! So we were
up and going to walk there and this girl was coming down the stairs
and I still had a mouth full of chocolate but I was like dang we need
to talk to her! So I just swallowed that down real quick and stopped
her and we started talking, turns out she's atheist but she likes that
faith helps people and somehow we just kept on talking and we talked
about the Book of Mormon and how it helps us find out the truth and
about Joseph Smith and how he wanted to know which church was right
and the first vision and it was so great!! And we made an appointment
then and there with her for tomorrow and she took the Book of Mormon
and said she'd start reading and it's super exciting!! And it gets
better! So we are in the temple the next day, we come out and have two
missed calls. From the guy we met the day before! We call him back, he
doesn't pick up. Two hours later... We get another call from him! He
watched the video, loved it, and wanted to know if we had time to meet
that evening! Sadly we couldn't :( but we have an appointment with him
on Tuesday too! It's gonna be a good day :) every day is a good day!
Something one of my zone leaders said at zone training rally stuck out
to me, he said we often have to choose, not just between good and bad
but between good better and best. If we choose good we have a good
day, if we choose better we have a better day and if we choose the
best we have the best day! And if we choose the best every day then we
really will have the best two years- or 18 months. Make every day the
best! It reminds me a little of what Elder Uchtdorf said in his talk,
that happiness is not just for eternity that it is for now. That
forever is composed of nows and we can choose to be happy! Choose to
choose the best! It was really cool as well because the zone leaders
and us taught about the first lesson and we did a role play where we
taught an overview of it in 4 minutes and as I said the first vision
the Spirit was just so strong and just confirmed to me the
truthfulness of this message, I know it's true!!!! We also had some
really wonderful experiences where the prayers of our investigators
were answered and our prayers and I just do not have enough time to
tell you everything!! But I hope you have a wonderful week

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