Week 32

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Hiiii !! Hope you had a fab week :) this week went by soo
fast! It was a great week:) and again it's so hard to start emails,
even though there is like a million things I want to tell you! Okay
funny story first. So we had a meeting with the zone leaders and the
stake president this week on Tuesday evening to talk about how the
missionary work in the stake is doing- the stake and zone are the same
- but we had a slight problem.... The tram to the chapel wasn't
running because of something in a tunnel so we had to catch the tram
for a bit and then a bus and the zone leaders were going to meet us at
the bus stop to show us the way because it wasn't quite the same.....
Buttttt apparently there were two bus stops so we both thought we were
at the right place and we're both looking at the bus stop that said
waldgarten but not at each other! So we had a long and rather amusing
phone call to try and find each other haha and I made a startling
discovery! I say "man" wayyyy too many times hahaha So like oh man and
I don't know man and yeah tis wonderful. So now I am unlearning this
and I have no idea where I got it from! But we decided that unlearning
words like best two years style isn't so effective ("every time I say
the word flip.. Punch me in the arm") rather I just get it repeated
back to me hahahaha oh dear I nearly just wrote man it's funny but not
using that word! Not like it's bad, it's just over used hahaha. I'll
let you know how that's going. :) this week we also had MlC!! So
that's mission leadership council for zone leaders and sister training
leaders in the mission and we all go to Munich for Thursday night,
watch a Mtc devotional, sleep over in a hostel nearby and then have
the council the next day, leave in the afternoon and get home at like
10:30 so it's a pretty crazy couple of days, especially because it's a
five hour bus ride both ways.. But it's so wonderful!!! Amd I also got
to see sister Gardner!!!!!!!!!! :) we hugged so hard! And one of the
elders was like an there's a Mtc reunion haha it was exactly 6 months
since we had both arrived in Munich at the beginning of our missions
and now we were back and it felt so great :) And really good to see
Presidemt and Sister Kohler and the other missionaries- because you
need a European passport to be a missionary in Switzerland and there
are t that many that do it's almost like two different missions which
is sad sometimes that the missionaries in Switzerland don't get to
meet those in Germany and Austria so often, also because the mission
is so flipping huge! So it's cool to go :) and so inspirational!! I
learn so much every time about how I can be better, what I can do
better. At the moment Prsisdent is really working on us all becoming
masters of the message which is really great because it just brings so
much peace and confidence to really know it! We did so many role plays
at zone conference a few weeks ago about that and at Mlc too and it's
awesome to see how it's getting better :) we have been focusing on the
first lesson and teaching a brief overview of it in 4 minutes, it's so
hard! But this morning sister van der Put and I both did it in under 4
for the first time and it felt great!!!! So we're going to be doing
that at zone training tomorrow as well which is exciting :) so this
week sister van der Put and I have both been pretty sick.. I had
the flu for a few days and it's getting better now, and then she got
sick, but is also getting better now :) I still have a bit of an icky
cough haha but tis all good. It's so special to see how the Lord has
blessed us, as we've been teaching or out and just doing what we
should be doing we have really literally and physically felt his
grace. I think it was Wednesday night I felt awful I was just urgh it
was just no fun and both our appointments fell out in the evening and
it was just so tempting to go home and rest. But there was a back up
plan and we called them to see if it would work and it did so "just
half an hour" which was perfect so we went and it was such a miracle
because we had both only been there once before but it was dark then
and we were driven there.. We didn't know the address, not even a
street name all we knew was it was in this one village. So we
got off the train there and looked at each other.. Which way out of
Bahnhof? Then which way? And we just started walking and we just
walked on and on and I was praying so hard we would find it, I knew I
couldn't just wander round in this dorf- village and we walked and then we were
there! We literally walked exactly to her house and we had no idea. We
are so blessed!!!!! And so at the beginning of the lesson I felt
pretty rotten and the way the lesson was going it felt like a waste of
time but as we carried on the spirit came more and more and she felt
it and softened and we felt it as we bore testimony and I just felt so
much better! And by the time we got back to Bahnhof I felt yuck again
haha but it was sooo worth it! We are so well looked after :) and our
leaders too, gave me wonderful advice like gargling salt water and the zone leaders told us lemon and honey This week I was thinking about how much we need the Spirit when
we teach, it really doesn't work without Him! And how we need to
reflect Christ in order to be who we need to be. Amd we were on the
boat that takes the bus over the Konstanz see (it's so pretty btw you
should look at pics haha) and it was dark so the lights were
reflecting in the water and it made me think. We are told we need to
receive Christs image in our countenance, to reflect Him. And a
reflection is never as clear or as good as the real thing, but the
stiller it is the clearer it is. And we are also commanded to be
still: "be still and know that I am God" to ponder and to trust in
God. And as we take time to Be still we can become more like Christ
and that is so important! We are commanded "be ye perfect, even as I
(Christ) or your Father in Heaven is" and of course we aren't perfect
yet, of course we aren't like them yet but I know that as we take time
to be still - and then go out and learn and do and become! We will one
day see Him and He will see Himself reflected in us :) His light!!!
Just like President Monson spoke about :) I love you all! I hope you
have a wonderful week.

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