Week 31

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Hey lovely people! Hope you all had a fantabulous week!!!!!! Again I
have noo idea what to write haha oh yeah I got an electric shock
yesterday!! Came home and tried to turn the light on but the plug
socket is just below and we have a little bit of a dodgy adaptor in
there and I accidentally knocked it and somehow my finger touched the
metal and ouch! Haha man it hurt for a good hour and a bit but all
better this morning except for the purple thing on my finger with the
blister over it haha but I'm all good. My district leader told us what
to do and sister van der Put bandaged it up nicely ahaha
so that was a bit of an adventure haha. We also gave each other back
massages the other day.. Haha soooooo nice. This week taught me a
lot, they always do but it helped me see things in practice that I had
'known' in theory but you don't really know something until you try it
out and sometimes the experiment just gets put on
you haha. We felt busy this week, we felt like we did our best and
worked hard but it didn't come through in numbers. And I learnt all
over again that "sometimes the things that count the most can't be
counted at all". All thingsthat don't 'count' but really do! And I was thinking. I've never
really liked numbers but I know there is a good reason if we are asked
by out leaders to do them! And so I've never really like numbers don't
mean a thing because if they didn't why would we count them?! But they
never felt so important.. Until I realized the most obvious thing in
the world.. The numbers don't mean a thing, but what - who they
represent means everything :) and these people here mean everything to
me. I never thought I could love people who were not so long ago total
strangers so deeply, I still don't understand except that this love is
Christs love and I am so privileged to feel it for others! I had an
assignment in district meeting about developing hope and I've been
thinking about it a lot. What really spoke to me the most is how it's
all based in our Saviour Jesus, the Christ. He is everything. His
grace carries me and His love lifts me. I love Him so much!! "My Lord,
my God, my best friend" He will never ever ever leave us alone!!!! And
that is the gospel, His gospel, His message. It also stuck out to me
sooo much at conference when President Uchtdorf spoke about how we are
beings of eternal light and then President Monson about being a light
and example to the world. We have this message of hope and joy that
can "bring hope to the hopeless and strength to the weak" it brings
hope and strength to me every single day!! I know everything that
happens has a purpose, our Heavenly Father loves us and He has a plan
for every single one of us, meticulously made, so that we can all
return to live with Him and our families forever! Now just think about
how many wonderful things are in the Gospel and how many people there
are that don't know them?! So as Joseph Smith said "shall we not go on
in so great a cause? Courage! And on, on to victory!" And we will go
on! Till the world can know the wonderful truths and joy and peace
this gospel, this good news of Jesus Christ!!! have a
wonderful week :) xoxoxox ps Autumn is my fav. I've collected sooo
many leaves hahahahaha it's so pretty!!!!! And all the nice
people in the train this its  funny because I'm like its winter!
And they're like just you wait! Ahaha oh and three more things real
quick We were just walking to the train, we were in a bit of a hurry
so rather than stopping people we were just saying hello, smiling etc
and this one woman did a bit of a double take and smiled too and that
made me smile :) but then she turned as if she wanted to talk and she
did and so we started chatting and she knew who we were and we have an
appointment this week! So smile at people:)))) it can change their
life! Next. Lady in the train, I tried to talk to her and she just
point blank ignored me.. Or so I thought! My thought was oh great
another friendly person on the train.... Sarcasm isn't good even in
thought! Haha but I was like okay whatever imma just make this awkward
if she wants to ignore me im going to talk until she responds! So I tried
again. And this time she starts a little, turns to me and smiles so
big! And we start chatting, about bags and all sorts and then we're
getting off and I was like man I gotta invite her but it's weird she
didn't really want to talk about it when I said we were missionaries
etc but I was like hey I'm a missionary, what I do is awkward.. Hahah
so I just started talking to her about the Book of Mormon and she
accepted it and she said she's interested and open to learn and we
call to set up an appointment :) and to think I thought she was just
another rude person on the train!! #donotjudge #tryandtryagain . I've
been thinking about alma and how he tried to teach the city of
ammoniah and they didn't want to hear but the Angel said go back. And
Samuel the Lamanite was told to go back and try again and I just think
everyone deserves as many chances as possible :) so I felt a little
like alma.. Except it was only a but awkward for me and he got totally
rejected. But anyway. Likening the scriptures! Not finding the exact
same story in your life and the scriptures :) and finally. My
invitation to you all! Please ask the person at the till how they are
doing :) I asked one guy this week and it was like 3pm and he told me
I was the first person to ask :'( and it broke my heart! So please
ask, they smile so big! And speaking from experience too haha it
really makes your day when people notice you're human too :) so yes,
just three stories I thought of and wanted to share with you lovelies
:) have a fab week

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