Week 30 !!!

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Hey hey!!!!! How are youuuuu??? So this week i learnt a lot!!!!! It's
gone so quick too, back to normal I guess haha. It's so funny,
whenever I start writing I always forget what I wanted to tell you and
then once I start it's so hard to stop!!!! I want to tell you about two
days this week, Friday and Saturday.
But first you need to know a transfer goal we have is that we will
find someone everyday and we won't come home until we do- of course
being home on time :) not sure if I told you guys that already but
okay so Friday we had a lesson and then we had a delicious lunch at
this lovely members place and then we had another lesson and
cake hehe and then we had another lesson planned but that fell out
then we had dinner and then we had a couple of referrals to contact.
However, we were so wrapped up in talking and planning and making
calls that until about 7:30 we hadn't really talked to a lot of people
and then we realized..... Hey we only have an hour and a half... So we
started talking!!! And we spoke to some nice people but no one was
really interested then neither were at home so we were on our way
home, still talking to everyone and still no one was interested, got
home 10 to 9 and decided to walk up and down the street until 9 and
there was no one, except for two guys on the way back and we both
thought the other would start talking and then we were past and we
wanted to go back but then it was too late and we needed to be home.
And we didn't find anyone. I can tell you it felt awful. So so awful,
I felt like I had screwed up, I had missed my chance - all through the
day and although we had had a 'successful' day with lessons and
members it didn't feel like it. So. Prayer, lots of prayer and a new
day brought the decision we will talk to literally every single person
on the street by their house by their car by the shops! Because what I
know, what I feel it brings so much peace and joy and I want every
single person I meet to have a chance to have that!!!!! And we did a
little maths.. So if I invite 10 people every day to come unto Christ,
to learn of him and feel his love then that's 70 a week, 300 a month
and if I have just over 10 and a half months left that's just over
3000 people!!! So we had two appointments planned and they both fell
out so weekly planning in the morning, lunch and then out!! And it
felt so good, I could just feel my Saviours love for me and for
all those around me, I wanted to talk to them, I wasn't scared I was
just so excited to be doing what a missionary does!! And 5 people on
Saturday said they want to meet with us. And I don't know about other
places in the world but here that's a lot of people!! And two
are a husband and wife and they have such a cute little family and so
they were in the block where we had an appointment but they just
weren't there sooo we knocked the rest of the doors on that level and
then we went down a level and there was no light so we were like hmmm
but then I saw a flower wreath on a door at the end so I was like yay
people! Haha so we did it and they let us in!!! Again.. Not sure how
common that is everywhere else in the world but here that doesn't
happen so often! So that was super nice and we will go back this week
:) soooo we finally got home and we were sooooo tired it was
absolutely exhausting but absolutely amazing. Not every day we can
talk to everyone because then we would be late for all of our
appointments haha butttt when I can I will and when not at least
everyone in trains and buses and trams etc . And even on Sunday we got
a text from an unknown number saying we met on Saturday and now they
want to meet! We just gave them a card because they said they had
their own religion and are happy and don't want new or different and
said call or text if you change your mind basically haha and they
did!!!!! :) I loveeeee my mission:)))))))) I love being here, it's not
always easy in fact it's sometimes downright hard but as soon as I
ever think of that I hear elder Holland ringing in my head that "missionary
work is not easy because salvation is not a cheap experience,
salvation was never easy! We are the church of Jesus Christ, he is our
great eternal head. Why should it be easy for us when it was never
ever easy for him. If Jesus could plead in the night saying
father remove this cup from me, then it is little wonder
salvation is not an easy or cheap experience for a missionary! As
missionaries we are proud to call ourselves disciples of Jesus Christ
and we are! But mark my words, that means you must be prepared to walk
something of the path He walked to feel something, just a little of
the pain he felt, to occasionally , maybe sometime in your mission,
shed one of the tears of sorrow that he shed. Now don't misunderstand,
I'm not saying we experience anything near what Christ experienced,
that would be presumptuous and frankly sacrilegious, but I am
convinced that missionaries and investigators, missionaries and
investigators, to come to the truth, to come to salvation, to come to
q knowledge of the price that has been paid but be prepared to pay a
token of that same price, it will only be a token, but I believe it
has to be paid. If the missionaries can come to love
and appreciate the Atonement it will carry them, perhaps even more
importantly that it will carry their investigators." So yeah that
rings out in my head, it might not be correctly typed out since it
came from my brain haha we listen to his talk every morning!! And I 
will for the rest of my mission too. Because it's so
true!! The Atonement carries me, His Grace is sufficient, it is
enough, He is enough we are saved after all we can do. Not because of
all we did. If I worked all day every day for the rest of my life in
his service I don't think I would be enough but He is and He is always
there for me! I am so grateful for this chance to serve my fellow
brothers and sisters and thereby serve him!! Have a wonderful week:))

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