Week 29

image1 IMG_1600 FullSizeRender IMG_1479 PRETTYHello!!! So this week, well there aren't many weeks like this
but his last week was a reallyyyy long week. It was kind of a little
bit of a roller coaster to be honest with you haha. We were dropped
and had things get cancelled and well it seems such a silly thing to
be upset about, butttt actually the worst was that so many if the
people that we found were more interested in getting to know us than
getting to know about the gospel and that's just really sad:( we had
one evening when we were just so so done. We prayed and planned and
then we knelt to pray to close our planning. And before we prayed we
felt sick to the stomach, upset, worried just not so great. But
literally as soon as sister Van der put started to pray I just felt
this incredible peace wash over me and as she prayed that Heavenly
Father would send the Holy Ghost to comfort us I could just imagine my
Father in Heaven putting his arm around us and saying oh my dear
sisters it'll be okay. And we finished and we both just looked at each
other and we just knew the other had felt it too, "how do you feel"
"oh my. So much better" He really does answer our prayers, he really
does care!! He really really does, we just have to ask and he's
literally just waiting to pour out his love upon us. And we just sat
there for a minute or two or three.. Haha oh the floor and then we
looked up, there's a picture on the wall above my desk of Jesus Christ
and as we spoke of Him, of His Atonment the feelings came even more,
He loves us, it's true, it's so true. And he cares! He really cares!!
He weeps with us when we cry and rejoices when we rejoice. I know it!
So that was a day of rollercoasterness. The whole week was up and down
but I know sometimes we have to be down so that He can lift us up:)
and He does!! This week we made Rösti a Swiss potatoes thingy and we
had other Swiss food and we also ate liver......... Mmmmmm hahaha. We
also had pizza made for us and bought for us and got given chocolate
and bought fanta and more chocolate. Seriously, I'm pretty sure
Switzerland wants to get us fat.. Haha it's not even funny we need to
eat better and exercise harder haha. So today we are on the Rigi
again!!!!! It's the best :) it really is soooo beautiful, it's funny
but nature does make you feel closer to God, closer to Heaven :) and
as you just look out over the mountain. It was super foggy in
the train on the way to Luzern but this lovely lady in the train that
we were chatting with told us it would be a nice day, so we hoped for
that! We were on the boat to the mountain and oh my it was cold!!! So
we were all wrapped up and the clouds were beautifulllllll but the
tops of all the mountains were hidden by fog so we were like aww:( so
then we got in the train that goes up the mountain and it just got
foggier and foggier but then we got a call from the elders saying that
it was superrrrrr clear at the top so we were way excited and then
gradually it started to clear and then it seemed all of a sudden we
were out of it and it's bright blue sky and this beautiful lake of fog
with alps poking out :') it was so beautiful!!!!!! And it got me
thinking, sometimes life is like that, a bit foggy and dim, the light
is always there, Christs light, His love but sometimes we, or at
least I feel far away, or like there's something blocking it. And then
we need other people to remind us it'll get better, just keep
going, it's beautiful at the top. And then slowly at first it
dissipates and then all of a sudden you see the view and it's worth
every second in the mist. And the light isn't just at the end of the
tunnel, it's always there sometimes we just need to learn to see
through the mist :) Hope you all have a wonderful week, smile!!!!!

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