Week 28

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Hey hey!!!!!!! Well I don't know where to start, life is really
wonderful I love you I love my mission I love the Lord and LOVE is so
important!!!! Yesterday it was so funny, we have been home a couple of
times because trains and people but anywayssss we were meant to have a
lesson in the park by our house at 8:45 till like 9:15 because whe we
teach we have till 9:30 to be home and when we're not teaching it has
to be 9pm... So we were waiting and waiting and called and he said he
couldn't make it anymore and then we realize it's 8:59 and we have to
be home in one minute so we like jump up and start for the door and
then the bells start ringing and we had to sprint hahahah but we were
home on time!! Before the bells stopped hahahaha. I felt like a
princess:) oh we had transfer calls on Saturday, I was sooo sure I'd
be leaving butttt........ I get to stay!! Pretty sure I squealed down
the phone to our poor zone leader when he told us we get to stay
together:)))))))))) we've had such a wonderful transfer and I feel
like I've learnt so much and changed a lot and I'm so happy we get to
have the next one together too!! So this will be my 5th transfer here!
That's a lot of time guys!!! Nearly 30 weeks!!! I love it soooo much
:) I'm pretty überzeugt (convinced) that we have the best area in the best
district in the best zone in the best mission in the world! Not that I'm
biased or anything hehehe :)))))) Friday was such a great day! I'm not
sure why I just remember it being so great! We met this awesome
Portuguese woman who just like bore her testimony to us and she was
just so expressive and funny and I'm so excited to see her again
this week!!! So then what else, we had zone training, that's always
amazing and powerful. One of our Zone leaders gave us this talk that
we've started listening to every morning called missionary work and
the Atonment and it is just sooo powerful and inspiring and I guess it
helps me to focus every day on Jesus Christ, on His Atonement, and
that should really be the focus of everything!!! This week we have
also had soooo many people give us the whole "a bible a bible we have
a bible" I might literally scream the next time I hear that.. No but
really it's just so sad:( but it's really good and we've had so much
practice with that that we know exactly what to say, where to read and
just to follow the spirit really to share passages that are powerful
and will be meaningful to them. Because the Book of Mormon has this
incredible power to bring the Spirit, even when they don't seem super
interested when you read to the, from the Book of Mormon if they have
an open heart it generally goes somethjng like the, listening more and
more intently and then being like wait can I see that?? It's so
wonderful :) I love it!!!! I also spent a day up in singing in Germany
on Tausch (transfers) and it was really special for me because I've been scared
about transfers because I just love it here sooo much and I didn't
know if I could ever live anywhere else and the people there as much.
But when we were teaching the people there I had so much love for
them!!!!!!!! I just oh I can't even describe it I just love them!! And
that was just a testimony to me of how limitless Christs love is, and
if we can pray for it, for Charity, then try our very best to do as
Jesus would do He just pours it out!! While I was there I met so many
great people! We got lost and so we just knocked a door and were like
we're lost! Help? And he was so sweet! He even looked it up on his
phone and showed us and then he was like you know I can just walk you
there if you want? And we were oh man so grateful and it turned out to
be a good 20 minute walk and he waked us literally to the door. People
really are the sweetest. And then later sister F was on the phone
and we were just waiting at a bus stop with no one in sight and I had
just got an email that morning and were able to download them through
the week to read when we have free time so I was like okay I guess
I'll read it now, and just as I opened it an old man walked up so I
greeted him and then oh it was so tempting to keep reading but I just
knew I had to talk to him and I had noo idea what to say so I was just
like okay uh it's a beautiful day today right! And put my iPad away.
And somehow we got talking! And then I found out his wife passed away
just three weeks ago and he's been having a hard time, of course and
then we got on the bus and he got talking to someone else but as we
got off we just said how nice it was to meet him and we got talking
again and we able to talk about the Gospel and what we do as
missionaries and we got his address and number so the sisters there
can contact him. And he was sooo sweet and said how talking had helped
him feel better and I was so grateful for that opportunity and I never
ever want to let them pass me by because it would be easier or more
convenient to do something else. So anyways. Love you alllllll so
much!!!! I am so grateful for this opportunity to share the gospel!! Love you

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