Week 27 !!

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Hiiiii how are you all?? This week was soooo amazing!!! I've really
come to understand the whole numbers don't mean a a thing thingy. So
when we counted up our numbers this week we were a little
disappointed, because we spent so much time out of our area doing
finding in Luzern then almost two days for Mlc in München and then
Saturday morning in Zürich planning zone training with the zone
leaders it was yea, butttt!!!!!! We were just talking about our week
and how we felt and we realized that actually it's been an incredible
week, we feel different, changed and this week has changed other
people's lives too. So. An amazing week!!! We had an incredibly
spiritual lesson with one of our friends who likes to dance around the
point, change the topic and is a little bit scared to know for sure if
the church is true because then he will have to be baptized and that
will be hard with his family. So. We both had the feeling we needed to
talk about it again with him, and we know when we both have feelings
we need to do it! Sooo we planned it and went there and so bold!
Sister van der Put is awesomeeeeee and we prayed 3 times together and
sent him inside the chapel to pray by himself- we were sat outside the
chapel for the lesson, and we talked about our roles as missionaries
and as I had the opportunity to testify of my calling , as a
representative of Jesus Christ, it was such a testimony to me. So
great. So so great. So he said he would pray over the weekend and we
can call him today!!!!! :)))) we also had a new investogator come to
church, it's actually so cool how it happened. So on sister pentz's
last day we got a bit lost and asked this one guy for help, it wasn't
toooo helpful haha but he was super friendly:) then on sister van der
Puts first Sunday we tried to catch an earlier train but it was
delayed so as we went to sit down this man. Did
you find that street- in a strong Swiss German language-- it's hard to understand
him haha so we got talking and then we were catching the same train
and well we were just like hey want to come to church with us? And he was but he said he's 
going away for a couple of weeks but
he'll be back on this day and to call him. So we did and he said he'd
come! Then he cancelled but said next week! And we were like oh okay
because so many people say things and they never come. And when you
haven't had contact for a couple of weeks that's also hard. Butttttt
Sunday came and he came!! And he lovedddddd church! He said he felt
wohl there like uh good and comfortable and whole and at home. And how
even though it was his first time he didn't feel like it was, like it
was familiar. And I took him to introduce him to the bishop and had to
duck away for a couple of minutes and Bishop told us later how he had
described it, like through his whole life he had had a backpack on,
and he'd been putting stones in there, more and more, but as he sat
there the longer he sat it felt like the stones were just flying out,
that it got lighter and lighter. Amd now it just felt so light. It
was beautiful, and it was such a great fast and testimony meeting. So
powerful!!! And i was so happy he loved church so much!! And he was
like I'm coming again for sure! And one member was like can I give you
a tip? Meet with the sisters! And he was like oh for sure! When can we
meet? So we see him on Saturday! I love being a
missionary sooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We also had some really cool
experiences of people sharing their testimonies with us and talking to
some cool people and ah man life is so great:) Sooo a 
evening in the life of sister Burgess....... So im going just take a few
and put them together for what would be a normal evening, so 9pm
arrive home and climb those three flights of stairs -- they're a pain
haha get to the top!. Kick of shoes to
join the growing pile by our door.. We should tidy those up. Unlock
door, turn on light, try not forget key outside, walk in dump bag,
iPad and Book of Mormon somewhere... Bed, entry, study... Who knows.
 Lock door. Sit down to plan - wait I need my
planner and iPad where are they haha I'm so tired I do t want to get
up, okay I guess I need them.. Wander round and of course it's in the
last place i check. Okay great lets pray. Prayer lasts long
time, more and more things come into my mind I need to pray for but
done okay. Now I need to get up, man I'm so tired. Okay what did we do
today? Count numbers. Think of the miracle of the day. Maybe get
distracted about a funny thing or special thing or cool person we
met. oh yep planning! Okay what are we doing tomorrow? Let's write it
in from iPad to planner, okay goals, okay great! Now what shall we
teach? Oh yay we did weekly planning what did we want to teach?? Ponder.
 Pray again if we really don't know. Okay great. Calls to make? Oh dang we forgot to call so
and so. Okay first thing tomorrow! Sweet. Anything else? Nope, okay we
pray. Okay great, ahhhh that took longer than 30 mins.. Well at least
it's all planned!! okay yay I can write in my
journal! Oh wait I need to update the area book! Okay 15 mins... 25
mins later... Ooooo yes I wanted to bake cookies tonight!! Ahh I can
totally manage that! Ah my journal.. Hmm I can multitask! *bake double
choc cookies with a coconut cookie recipe just swap some stuff
around.. Make some up.. Hmm yea looks pretty good* then okay maybe
I'll write now. Sit down. Get distracted talking to companion We
like to talk hehe. .... Oh the cookies! Hey do you want a cookie?? Oh
yea I want a cookie!! *hot cookies and milk* mmmmmmm :)))) oh man the
time!!! *get ready for bed in 2 mins* pray together. Pray alone. Flop
down into bed and fall asleep:) I understand the whole asleep as
soon as my head hits the pillow thing hahaha. And that is an evening
in my life! Haha-- hope you enjoyed:) I love you all! I know
Heavenly Father loves me, loves us all. That he hears and answers
prayers. And because of Him what seems impossible is possible, :)

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