Week 26

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Hey all. Today I climbed Pilates again! So like last time not
so much time for emails.. Sorry! This
week was awesome! We just found out from the zone leaders we're record
breaking haha but it's really not our work it's the Lords and we're
just so privileged to be a part of it :) had some really spiritual
experiences this week and some really fun ones too :) one of our
friends horse had to be put to sleep and we had a lesson about how God
never leaves us alone, how in times of trial he is with us and his
angels round about us to bear us up, we also talked about that song
you're not alone and it made me cry and her cry and her mum cry and I just really felt for
her, I really love her! I've said it before and I'll probably go on
about it forever but LOVE it's so important, so amazing, so beautiful,
"true Christlike love flowing from righteousness can change the world"
Elder Holland had it right!!!! And our recent convert came with us to
the temple for the first time and described it so beautifully, "it's
like you walk in there and it's out if this world, you just go in
there and your problems stay outside" it's so true! I love the temple,
one of the ladies inside told us to have the Book of Mormon in our
right hands and the temple in our left and I loved that! Together they
change lives!!!!!! Thank you for your prayers and your love:) sorry if I haven't
replied to any emails properly I only have the ones that came through
on Sunday since we haven't had a chance for wifi. But I do love you! I
pray for you, and I know that prayer is true communication with our
Heavenly Father, a principle of faith and action that changes us and
has the power to change the world! We all have that, if not to change
the world in the click of a finger but to change it helping one person
at a time, changing one persons world at a time :) missionary work is
the best! Next week I'll send you my evening routine since no more
time today love you all so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Xoxoxoxo

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