Week 25

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Hi!!! Hope you are all doing well.It's
apparently been like the hottest summer for 120 years but there will
just randomly be a few days where it's colddddd and rains and the it's
back hot again, it hasn't been as hot as it was a few weeks ago for a
while though so that's good! But I have the feeling I'm going to
freeze when it gets to be winter haha I need to enjoy the warm while
it's here haha. Tuesday was zone training! So maybe not a minute by
minute account but here is what I did Tuesday morning/afternoon. So we
are walking, well running out the door and down the stairs to catch
the bus to get to the train station to catch the train, to go to
Zurich to be there for 11 for district leader training! So on the
train we sit down and there's only one guy reading a newspaper, kinda
hiding behind it so we decide to practice for what we're teaching at
district leader training and zone training. Loud and obnoxious voices
of course. Okay not so obnoxious but you know how loud I speak
sometimes and sister van der Put is the same... So we were teaching
about experience in the Book of Mormon and about treasuring up the
word of God. So what do you think about when you think about treasure?
Pirates! Don't try pretend otherwise I know you did.. hahaha. We asked
that question just to get a discussion started and there were some
really awesome spiritual answers and then afterwards we were talking
to a couple of elders and they were like yeah honestly we thought of
pirates too.. Hahaha so I know you did too! So anyways we had this
whole metaphor about treasure and eternal life and treasure maps and
the scriptures and we just thought we were so great and we were so
excited about it, so we were practicing on the train and we were
speaking English because that's what we'd be giving the training in
(district meeting is In German, zone training in English) but thennnn
we notice this guy keeps looking at us then looking away and kinda
smiling so we're like ahhhh he understands! So we just keep talking
about how amazing the Book of Mormon is and he starts laughing.. I
think back and I guess it is pretty funny.. Two girls in skirts
marveling about this Book that teaches about eternal life and then on
about pirates and treasure and yeah hahaha I guess it must have been
amusing.. So then we really wanted to talk to him but he would look
away every time we looked at him and hide behind his newspaper again..
Then I had to use the bathroom and what do I come back to? Sister van
der Put sitting over near this guy and them deep in conversation about
the Book of Mormon!! So I sit down and then he makes space for me to
sit near them too so we spend the rest of the train ride talking about
it and God and prophets! And he lives in the same city as us so we
will hopefully be meeting him this week :) so that was Tuesday!! And
both meetings were awesome, it's so great to be with other
missionaries and feel the Spirit together, to feel part of Gods army:)
then we had tausch and that was awesome. Sister Mehr and I found some
cool potentials and taught some great lessons and ate lots of yummy
Swiss food because as an American she's not allowed to live
permanently in Switzerland so all the American missionaries love to
come for Tausch and get Heidi milk and Swiss chocolate and aromat and
all the yummy things haha. What else this week hmmm well it's really
cool because we're so busy we don't have a lot of time for finding but
people will just come up to us, or call us and start talking to us and
then plotzlich okay that's German but spelt wrong because I have the
English keyboard atm uh oh suddenly! That's what it means haha there's
just some German words I use all the time and not forget but maybe a
little lol the English anywayyyy we'll just ask and they'll just give
us their number or address and we made a new friend! So great!!!! I
love being a missionary :) so today we went, with permission from
president of course, to bern! Met with sister pentz and her parents
there and it's sooooo pretty!! I think it might actually be my
favorite city here in Switzerland to be honest:) and I've seen a few
by now haha. Because today is my 6 months as a missionary mark!! Can
you believe it?! Crazy!! It's so amazing I know I say it all the time
but there's just something about being a missionary that you can't put
into words to be honest, it's so wonderful but so hard sometimes and
you wonder how something so amazing could be so hard but I tell you
all it is sooo worth it! Every no at a door, every person who ignores
us on the street, every morning where it is so hard to get up, every
hill, every tall apartment block every dang flight of stairs is so
worth it when I fall into bed at night knowing I spent the day in the
service of my fellow menschen, and so in the service of my God:) when
I see the look on someone's face as they feel the power of the Book of
Mormon, as they pray and feel their Heavenly Fathers love, I love
it!!!!!!! One year to go, it's going to be awesome! I love you all so
much xoxoxoxoxoxox ps coming next week: an evening in the life of a
missionary hehe love youuuuu


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