Week 24!!

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Hi !!!!!! Soooo this week has been crazy!!! We need to multiply
ourselves or get a time turner or something, we have so much to do!!
But I wouldn't have it any other way to be honest, I love it!!!! Had a
cool experience this week, I was a little bit down and we were a little
divided in what we wanted to do for the last hour of the missionarying
day but we decided to just go outside and download some maps where we
have wifi, talk to all the people then come back and do language
study. So I was tired and stressed about one investigator who had just
cancelled on us and had been distant for the week.. And I went into
the bathroom and pleaded, prayed so hard and a little teary yes that
we could just find one person. We go outside and the first person is
interested!!!!!!!!!! Gives us his address and tells us to come by the
next week. Tender mercies!! Small but tender:) so I thought what I
could do is give you a day in the life of sister burgess... So!!
Wednesday morning: 6:15 get woken up by the dang church bell. Go back
to sleep. 6:25 sister Van der puts alarm goes off.. Check watch ahhh 5
more mins. Go back to sleep. 6:29 phone alarm goes off.. Check watch..
Ahh one more minute. Sleep. 6:30 the lovely church bells again. They
go every 15 mins alllll through the night and day. Lovely right.
Anyway roll out of bed and go to the bathroom, try not trip over
something. Back into the room, morning sport clothes on ahh toasty
warm. Kneel down by bed and say morning prayers, try not fall
asleep... Standup. Pray as companionship by the door. Go down the
three flights of stairs and over the road into the park, think about
doing some running but think better of it and go swing. Sit on floor
and stretch. More swings :))) 7 am ahh the church bells. Time to climb
to the top of the tower again, okay not so much a tower but still the
top. Shower, tidy, kill the fruit flies. Eat. 8am personal study!!
Read Book of Mormon in German. Happy. 9am comp study!! Sing haha. Pray together:) share
what we learnt. Marvel about how amazing the scriptures are. Plan
lessons. Pray again. And this is getting long so this week you can
just have a morning in the life of sister burgess. Next week I'll do
some more, like later morning and afternoon. And an evening sometime.
Unless this is incrediby boring which it totally might be and then
sorry!!!! We walked through the rain
to Bahnhof to go to church and I smelt like wet dog all day because my
shoes. Or about how we walked two dogs for our friend and ended up
having to watch the big one as it killed a mouse. And we heard
EVERYTHING. Lovely. Or how we met this girl and she is so sweet and
brought us croissants in case we hadn't had breakfast and wants to
find out for herself if the Mormon church is true, or how Bruder A
passed the Sacrament on Sunday to us and it was so great, or about how
great his son is!!!!! And how we built a tower to represent the church
with him the. We destroyed it and rebuilt it to teach the restoration.
Or how he made me jump, this seven year old kid when he was like boo!
Behind me. Or how we laugh together as a companionship. And being on
Tausch in Luzern and eating way too many snacks. Or a bazillion other
things. Bottom line. Being a missionary is great, I feel Gods love for
me and for his children and I want nothing more and nothing less than
to bring the, ALL home to him. I love you all so very very much!! Have
a wonderful week:) love you!!!!! Xoxoxo

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