Week 23 :)

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Hiiii!!!!!! How are you all?? This week has been crazyyyy!!! We've
been so busy and it's crazy taking over an area too, but it's also so
good at the same time, i literally have no time to be distracted by
anything and so I feel way consecrated and it's such a wonderful
feeling!! To give it all, literally it all to the Lord:) and he
consecrates my little effort and makes it into something truly
wonderful:) i don't know where to start with this week haha it's all
kind of a blur to be honest, of endings and beginnings- well actually
I love what president uchtdorf said about that, that there are no true
endings only everlasting beginnings- so this has been a week of change
yes but of new beginnings :) my new comp is sister van der Put, she's
from holland and she's so great!! She's so bold and has such a great
testimony and a desire to serve and love, we're sister training
leaders for 6 other sisters in Switzerland and in Germany because the
zone boundaries just changed, we also have zone training and splits
and we have to go to Munich for the meeting. We also have so many
incredible people we're meeting with! I don't know how we will get it
all done but I do know if we follow the lords plan for us it will work
out. One day last week we didn't have time for morning studies because
we had so many appointments so I decided to read in the Book of Mormon
in the evening- can't tell people to read everyday if I don't! And I
just flipped the pages not sure where I wanted to read and it opened
to ether 12 "my grace is sufficient" "I will make weak things strong"
I'm a weak thing!! That's me!! But his grace is sufficient and it is
always there, "it is not the finishing touch it is the finishers
touch" it is the Lords hand helping me through every minute of every
day. I know He lives and He loves me and you. It is a powerful thing
to have that knowledge, it is a blessing! And I will take that light
to the world!! I love being a missionary! And I love you all Xoxox

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