Week 22

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Hey!!!! So not too much time to write today, we
cleaned and sister pentz packed and I made lunch! Hahah she cooks a
lot more and better than me but hey it was yummy!! So maybe I'll cook
more.. I don't know haha. Oh so you're probably wondering about
transfers haha for us it was like foreverrrr ago haha time on mission
time is really strange like Saturday morning seems sooo long ago but
it seems also like it was p day just yesterday... Anyway haha
transfers! So I'm staying here in Aarau :)))))))))))) I was expecting
it though so that's good!! And sister pentz is leaving, which we also
knew, but still sad:(( she's going home! But happy days that she's
going to re visit all her areas again and be back in Switzerland in 3
weeks for church :)))) ALL the people will come!!! Haha it's good to
know Thursday at Bahnhof won't be goodbye, I might be an emotional
wreck otherwise haha I'm just going to miss her a lot! She's taught me
so much and helped me so much and ah I love her! She's so
amazing!!! So yes. Will miss her :( but I won't be alone! My new comp
will be Sister Van der Put, I think she's from holland, I've met her
once before at MlC when we were both sister training leaders a couple
of transfers ago, but I don't really remember much haha but I'm sure
she's great! Change is scary sometimes but it's good, it's exciting :)
we had a really cool experience this week, we were at one of our less
actives place and missed the bus and we thought there would be one in
30 mins but there wasn't... So by the time it left it was already
after nine and we were a little concerned because it was the weekend
of 1 August- happy Swiss day or like equivalent of Australia Day or 4
July.. But we were like nah we'll be okay and then as soon as we
stepped on the bus it was so uncomfortable! These men just looked at
us and ugh I hate it! And then they made some awful comment in Swiss
German and we just ignored it and sat down.. Then it was so amazing
they carried on talking but we just couldn't understand anymore- it
was strange but we're so grateful that we couldn't understand whatever
things these drunk men were saying.. So we got to Bahnhof and
gratefully got off the bus to get into our tram.. And there was these
two security officers there and my first thought was literally dang
I'll have to get out my ticket and I have so much in my hands ugh haha
but we didn't so we just got on and sat in a corner in one of the
compartments. We just sat talking over the lesson and day a doing some
planning and then those men got in too- but just as they did so did
the security officers and they stood either side of the entrance to
our compartment. And the men carried on talking and laughing loudly
but we just felt sooo safe with the security men literally like
watching over us :) and when they got off the men were sarcastically
like thanks for the comfortable ride to the security people .. But we
were oh so grateful for them!! And we wanted to talk to them and thank
them but then they got off too at the next tiny tram stop :( it really
felt 100% like Heavenly Father sent Angels to watch over us Heavy black heart️ I'm so
grateful for this!! He really does look after his missionaries, even
when they do silly things like miss busses on Friday nights haha. Hm
what else? Oh we went to the wedding of one of our investigators!! It
was so cute :') so she's Ethiopian and he's German and it was so cool
!!!!! but she was so   proud of her decision to have it all Christian based 
:) and we got a bunch ofpotentials- like half her cousins haha and they
 were all so sweet and friendly!!! And Sunday was so beautiful!! 
Especially GMK I uh not sure
what that is in English hahaha uh. Uh mm ward mission council maybe?
So we meet with our GML oh uh ward mission leader!! And he actually
just became bishop so we've been meeting with the assistant ward
mission leader but bishop came in and it was so tender and ah so much
love for this area and ward!! And so excited!! The work of the lord is
going forth boldly and nobly and no unhallowed hand can stop it! I
know it's the Lords work and he's at the helm and he will lead us, I
know he leads me and loves me and us all! And I love you all too, have
a wonderful week xoxo

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