Week 21

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Hey!! How are you all?? I'm great! Last week was crazyyyyy, but
amazing! It went so fast haha I can't believe it's already pday! We
had Bruder A baptism this week, and sorryyyy no photos this week
from it because they're in my camera and we're not going to have time
to go to the chapel this week because we're going to visit one of our
less actives, next week I'll get them sent for sure!!! We met with him
everyday and he just sounded more and more prepared, he kept telling
us how he wasn't even really nervous and on the day before the lesson
we asked him if he felt ready, to keep the commandments and his
covenants forever and he was ,like of course! Tomorrow I'm going to
make a covenant with Heavenly Father, that's a big deal!!! I wouldn't
be doing this if I did t know if it was right, if I was committed! And
he has already been noticing a difference in his life as he reads the
Book of Mormon, prays and comes to church, he's so great!! And
inspiring :) we got to the chapel early to fill up the font and we'd
been listening to this missionary song earlier in the day: "and the
most wonderful sound I ever heard, was the sound of water running in
the church" and I'm not going lie, it was pretty exciting!!!! But
the most wonderful sound really was the sound of his voice as he stood
before us all after he was baptized and bore his testimony of the
Saviour, of the Book of Mormon, of prayer and of his desire to endure
faithfully and stay true to the end. I am so grateful we met him! And
stopped him that second time- sister pentz and her old comp had
already spoken to him and he said no, but noticed how convinced they
were as they bite testimony and wanted to come to church just once to
check it out and as he put it he hasn't stopped coming since. As we
waited for him and Bruder S to get changed we sung a bunch of
songs and it was wonderful and then because I was directing them I
could see that they were done and coming back in but his son put
his hand up and wanted to sing just one more and so I was like okay
sure which one? And he picked "vorwärts Christi Jünger" which is the
German onward Christian soldiers, but they changed soldiers to Chrisi
jünger which is disciples of Christ, and it was so perfect!! That's
exactly what we do at baptism, we covenant to follow the Saviour, be
his disciple- act and think and speak as he would :) and he has so
much faith!! During one of the lessons we had with them he prayed for
something really important to him, his daddy and us too and then he
said I know my prayer will be answered and if it's not it's just a
test- this kid is only 7, turning 8 in December and wants to get
baptized then too!! I just love them both so much!! And on Sunday he
received the gift of the Holy Ghost and it was sooo special!! I just
felt so much joy for him and ahh it's so great!! I'm not describing
this very well haha it was just so inspiring! We also had some really
special moments with some of our other investigators this week, it is
SUCH a wonderful amazing experience to be a missionary and I just LOVE
it sooo much :) I know the Savior loves me and you and us all!! His
love is so incredible. And so is our Heavenly Father's, it's pretty
dang great!! In one of our lessons yesterday we all sat quiet for 5
minutes and made a list of things that show us, or help us see that
Heavenly Father loves us, it's a really special thing to do, just to
even sit and ponder is great :) we also had some pretty funny moments
this week.. We used a caterpillar for an object lesson!! It showed up
crawling on our kitchen wall.. After we had finished chopping up the
broccoli for dinner.. We hope we didn't eat Eduardo's friends/
family.. We spoke about metaphorphasis and actually only said about 2
sentences before he interrupted and said "I know what this is about..
You want me to be baptized!!" And we just smiled so big! And said "do
you?" And he was like yep!! He's so great!! Not quite ready yet but
making so much progress, we love him! We love all our friends :) we
also had a lesson In the park in the pouring rain- twas pretty fun
tbh haha. We also went fruit fly hunting.. With the vacuum cleaner and
with our hands... They're so annoying!!!! We must look sooo strange if
people can see inside our windows hahaha. It got a bit cooler this
week!! And there was some magnificent storms!! I'll send pictures of
the clouds next time I can get to a computer on pday haha. Or we might
end up being able to go today!! Anyways, will hopefully be next week
if not!! Sooo this is getting a little long now.. And I could keep
going haha but I hope you all had and will have a wonderful week! Love
you!! Xoxoxo

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