Week 20

Hello !!! I shall hopefully be able
to get to send you all the photos from my camera today- if we get to
the chapel in time :) we spent sooo long cleaning today our apartment
feels so nice now! I love that feeling:) we had a good week! Crazy
week.. They're all a little crazy I guess but this one well I have to
really think to remember the week haha. So Monday last week Rigi, LOVE
being on mountains!!!! Tuesday, zone training- twas sooo amazing! It
was just one of those incredible meetings where the spirit was so
strongly there and unifying us all and well, words don't really
describe it well enough. I was thinking it's so crazy, a bunch of
18-22 odd year olds sat in a church hall talking about how we can be
better and we can help our investigators better.. It's great!! There's
is such a strength in knowing we are on the Lords side and he is with
us, I may be with the Lord I can do all things!!!! And we had a great 
lesson that evening:) it was rather
sad though, and a little scary.. We were walking home from Bahnhof and
we saw this weird weird cloud,for what we thought was a cloud, and
then we started smelling smoke, and then we walked around the corner
and saw this awful black smog and smoke coming from one of the
apartments on the Main Street. There was fire engines and people
everywhere, we wanted to help but didn't know what to do and it sounds
so cheesy haha but we just stood there on the street and prayed for
the people, for the homes, for the fire people. And it felt good to
know there was something we could do, and there is always that
something we can do. And no one was hurt we later found out which made
us really happy :) the Wednesday okay I don't know off the top of my
head.. Uhm okay so I checked the planner haha. So we had a lesson,
kind of normal and then our two evening appointments fell out so we
decided to go finding, to begin with we were pretty directionless,
talking to everyone, knocking some apartment blocks but no one was
really interested, we were hot, our feet hurt and it was tempting to
go home where we could plan or update records- good things but not the
best at that point in time. So we decided to pray for what Heavenly
Fathers plan for us was, and we decided to go to this park near us to
contact there, thennnn we saw this one apar,net block and just knew we
had to try that one. So we did and we found this lovely man, he's
just really needed us to come by and he told us abiut his wife who
passed away a few years ago and we cried together and it felt amazing
to know we had finally followed the Lords plan for us! Thursday was
also lovely, sooo hot again! And we ate so much.. The members treat us
good :) Friday was a wonderful day!! Miracle lessons, changes of heart
and the temple!!!! The most wide spread miracle of the modern day is
that of the change of heart, it's so true!!!! We had a lesson in the
temple grounds and it was beautiful, the power of the Spirit, of the
Book of Mormon, of testimony, of the Temple! "I can feel the power of
Heaven as I stand on Holy ground" rings true in my heart!! And our
investigator had his baptismal interview that day too, it all went
well but he and our district leader decided to trick us and they come
out and are like.. I've thought about it and decided otherwise i dont know the
proper translation but yeah and elder Ishmael plays along and is like
yeah you know, if he's decided other wise there's nothing I can do..
And we were like oh funny haha and they're like no really. And oh my
heart! Our faces... Haha it's funny looking ask but at the time, oh it
was awful!! Then they're like haha nah just kidding!! Gah! Haha so
the. Saturday had an appointment them spent ages planning for the
baptism and then a really great lesson! Joint teach from heaven!! And
Sunday and church was incredible as always and then more lesson and
more happiness and today!!! And I love being a missionary, it's the
greatest things in the world! And I realized one of the reasons I love
the temple is that you can feel at home there no matter where you are
in the world. It really is a little slice of heaven. Luke 6:38 is
great, if we give all we can to the lord that space there, that 'hole'
will be filled up more than we could ever imagine !! I LOVE this poem!! 
From a talk by President monson:
“‘Father, where shall I work today?’
And my love flowed warm and free.
Then he pointed out a tiny spot
And said, ‘Tend that for me.’
I answered quickly, ‘Oh no, not that!
Why, no one would ever see,
No matter how well my work was done.
Not that little place for me.’
And the word he spoke, it was not stern;
He answered me tenderly:
‘Ah, little one, search that heart of thine;
Art thou working for them or for me?
‘Nazareth was a little place,
And so was Galilee.’”
--Meade MacGuire
I love you so much!!! Xoxox

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