Week 19

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Hey hey! So I don’t know when I’ll get a chance to send this, or if I even will haha because we’re on our way to climb a mountain! Well actually this time we’re taking the train thing up.. It’s called the Riggi! It’s a famous one! And I’ve heard so much about the view from the top, I’m so excited!! Last week was really great, we’ve been soooo tired and that, as you know, makes me a little loopy 🙂 Hahahaha so many funny times but I feel like maybe they’re just funny because I’m
a missionary and I’m so tired and just funny in the moment… And you’ll read the, and be like huh? Hahaha :p but one amusing thing! A pigeon flew into our apartment.. So we were in the bedroom and the bathroom getting ready and had left the window in our study/living/dining room wide open to let all the nice fresh air in- it cooled down a little thank goodness!! Then I come in to grab something and there’s a PIGEON on Sister Pentz’s desk!!!! I screamed sooo loud hahaha I really
don’t know who was more startled.. Me or the pigeon.. hehehe More people need to know how fun a mission is! But that’s not all, it brings so do much joy! I read today about the Spirit, and how it is a foretaste of eternal joy, and we have the privilege of working with the Spirit to bring Salvation to Gods children! 🙂 it really is a privilege to wake up every morning and place the Saviours name on my chest and then go out and represent Him. It’s the “hardest thing I’ve ever loved to do”!!!!! In 12 days our investigator gets baptized and he is soooo great!!! We have felt the hand of the Lord in our lives, and seen it, not just for us but for the people we work with too, that we are privileged to help. On a side note.. Do I talk about cheese a lot? I just find it funny hahaha but sorry if I repeat a lil too much haha. Oh yes. More on the animal life of Switzerland…. There’s so many bugs!!!! And the most terrifying are these ones we’ve named bird bugs.. On account of their size!! There insanely huge and urgh they come out in the evening and there’s so many of them! And we had our windows open and the bugs were coming so close.. And this one would literally hover by the window then fly away then come back and yeah..Then it CAME INSIDE. So it was on!! Like this is our territory!!! Except I was so terrified I just ran to the bedroom and my pen and planner went flying hahahah and Sister Pentz saved the day with the fly swatter:’) my hero! Hahaha. So we just went Rigi, it was soooo beautiful!!! And we have to take a ferry to get there so that was also soooo nice, I’ll send photos next week:)  I know the Saviour lives and loves me too, the Spirit whispers this to me and tells me it is true:) Mosiah 5:2- the Spirit changes our hearts and gives us desire to do good, when you want to do good, when you want to be good, that’s the Spirit! Being a missionary is a wonderful privilege:) I love you all so much! Xoxoxo


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